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Eurotunnel (France)

Eurotunnel (France)

Objective: CCTV System for Eurotunnel, France

EuroTunnel manages the Channel Tunnel link which is a large, demanding and diverse environment for surveillance and security, requiring a distributed system that can deliver high quality live and recorded video to many different users located throughout the site.


The requirement included:

  • Tamper-proof, CCTV system capable of high definition images
  • Control centre technology for multi-user log in
  • Increased recording capacity
  • Audit trail to enable incident recording
  • Systems upgrade to incorporate new French regulations

The ClearView Solution

Following a successful upgrade for the EuroTunnel UK terminal, ClearView installed a full CCTV recording and monitoring system in France. The new technology increased the video recording capacity from 3 to 31 days.

Video management software was loaded onto several workstations allowing operators to view any camera from any part of the network, and advanced analytics provide a powerful tool to identify alarms and capture video clips following an incident.

Read or download our Eurotunnel (France) case study

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