Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

In Industry News By ClearView Communications, 19th March 2020

Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

Flexible solutions for when you need to install cameras quickly to provide surveillance fast.

Once it starts to occur in an area, crime has a habit of growing fast and uncontrollably. To nip criminal activity and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the bud, there is a need to provide CCTV coverage quickly.
However, the complexities of today’s world create barriers to rapid deployment of CCTV. Some of the main drawbacks of conventional solutions include:

  • Significant capital and installation costs
  • Making a well-proven business case for every camera
  • At last, cameras are installed and…the problem has moved on


Today, to provide effective surveillance capability fast, you need a solution which minimises capital and installation costs, can be deployed rapidly, and re-deployed just as quickly to meet operational requirements.
The business case for the ClearView Rapid Deployment Camera (RDC) is that it is a silver bullet for organisations and businesses which face the challenge of installing CCTV quickly.


ClearView’s Rapid Deployment Camera

  • Mount to a wall, corner, or existing infrastructure such as a street lamp
  • ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ power feed via commando socket connector
  • Integrated wireless PTP, PTMP, Wi-Fi and 3/4G support
  • Rapid re-deployment to move cameras to where they are needed quickly
  • Solar and wireless options for isolated, remote and difficult to install places


Improve the ability to quickly increase protection

  • Train stations
  • Private estates
  • Construction sites
  • Farms and agricultural land
  • Town councils
  • Business parks
  • Industrial sites and areas
  • Residential areas
  • Car parks
  • Skate parks, play areas, leisure centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Town centres
  • Housing estates
  • Retails parks
  • Hospital and healthcare external areas
  • Transport hubs (airports and ferry terminals)


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