ANPR Systems: More Accessible Than Ever

In Technology News By ClearView Communications, 6th September 2018

As technology’s progress marches on, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) evolves. Originally invented in the seventies, ANPR systems look very different today from their origins at the UK’s Police Scientific Development Branch. Once a costly system accessible only to the most wealthy businesses and governmental departments, in recent years ANPR systems have become a more cost-efficient solution.

More Accessible Than Ever

However, these lowered prices have not made ANPR systems a less powerful or effective method of access control and intruder prevention. Today, ANPR systems are more powerful than ever, with ClearView’s GateREG Visitor Management System standing out from the crowd for its precision, reliability, and versatility.

Used by car parks, waste sites, and premises in the commercial, education and police sectors, GateREG works by intelligently monitoring approaching vehicles, identifying their license plate number, vehicle brand and vehicle colour.

With ClearView taking on new contracts thanks to GateREG’s innovative features – such as LED messaging and precise data-tracking – we’re pleased to be part of ANPR’s evolution. Get in touch with us to find out how GateREG can meet your access control needs.

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