Cable Networks

There is a wide choice of networks available for transmission of data for Integrated Security Systems, CCTV and access control solutions.

As a security industry leader, we will advise on the correct choice of cables for your specific security application.

The primary types of network cables are:

  • Copper cables – coaxial and twist pair types, including Category 5 (Cat5) and Category 6 (Cat6)
  • Fibre cables – single or multimode

ClearView’s design engineers will recommend the appropriate cable and / or wireless networks and containment systems, taking into consideration a range of factors including:

  • Distance
  • Bandwidth
  • Environment (internal, external, duct)
  • Vandal resistance
  • Cost
  • Standards

Our in-house team of accredited and qualified engineers can design, install and maintain both copper and fibre network cables for a diverse range of market sector applications.

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