Broome Place Residential Home

CCTV Security System

Objective: CCTV System in Aveley, Essex

Broome Place is located in Aveley, Essex giving support to elderly people. As stated in the Care Quality Commission it is the legal requirement that care providers must ensure the safety and welfare, as well as the privacy of residents at all times. It was therefore essential for Broome Place to install appropriate security systems to keep their occupants safe, whilst also respecting their privacy.


The site manager needed to be able to monitor the many entrances and exits of the premises 24/7 to ensure the safety of the residents, the staff and the property.

The key requirements included:

  • The monitoring of all entrances and exits
  • A user friendly and cost effective CCTV system
  • An aesthetically pleasing and discreet system

The ClearView Solution

ClearView undertook a free site survey of the residential home in Aveley and provided a free of charge, no obligation quotation, as well as a security assessment report.

A digital CCTV system that was user friendly and cost effective was recommended. The report also took in to consideration details, such as the camera style.

This was this an important consideration for the home because to each of the residents Broome Place is their home. The camera system therefore had to compliment the surroundings but also be capable of capturing high quality images.

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