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Front of Gatwick Hilton Hotel London

Remedial Fire Stopping Works

Gatwick Hilton Hotel

ClearView has proudly received the passive fire protection contract for all the remedial fire stopping works throughout the hotel risers, rooms and corridors at the Gatwick Hilton Hotel.

Gatwick Hilton Hotel


The Hilton Hotel was established in 1919 in Texas, USA. Since then, the hotel chain has grown in to a global brand with over 575 hotels across six continents.

ClearView has proudly received the passive fire protection contract for all the Remedial Fire Stopping works throughout the hotel risers, rooms and corridors at the Gatwick Hilton Hotel.

The Hilton Hotel is currently an 18-month passive fire protection project. The first phase and initial installation required Fire Stopping throughout the refurbishment of the Hotel and the completion took place between October 2019 and December 2019. This project was the first phase of a much larger ongoing programme of works and ClearView have now commenced phase 2 of the fire stopping works.


Pre-planning, regular client contact and onsite management support throughout the programme were crucial to ensure that each phase complied to the highest standard, within the time scale and budget. The project required us to work alongside multiple contractors, including Update Technology (M&E) and FM Southern (air conditioning).

The ClearView Solution:

We have installed QuelFire Products within the raisers, corridors and hotel rooms. The products used were:

  • QuelFire FireBatt – installed to all fire dampers and wall penetrations. A fire batt is an ablative coated mineral wool firestop board used to restore the fire rating of the floors and walls penetrated by services, providing the hotel with an effective smoke seal.
  • QuelFire HP Mastic – used to seal all air conditioning pipes.
  • QuelFire intumescent Mastic – used to seal all linear joints. Intumescent sealant is installed to ensure no gaps, creating a barrier against flames and smoke and is generally applied to fire doors, cables, windows, pipes, joints, voids and other small holes through which fire could potentially spread. 
  • QuelFire Wrap—used around waste pipes
  • QuelFire Collars – used around waste pipes which has an intumescent material which expands inwards to compress the pipe, collapsing it until the opening is entirely sealed.
  • QuelFire Compound – Used  for sealing the electrical cable penetrations through the slab floor.

Fire Stopping man doing Installation

We are committed to providing high quality, certified fire stopping products from UK manufacturers. The products that were used are all independently tested to guarantee they comply with all the relevant British standards and fire stopping regulations

ClearView utilises the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System called BORIS, which produced full photographic and detailed survey reports on the passive fire protection requirements of the Hilton Hotel. Once the survey was complete, ClearView utilised the same survey information to assist in the fire stopping installation project. Once the works were finished, a photograph was added to the report as evidence of the works being completed. This ensured conformity and compliance with the specification in a visual and user-friendly format.

The IFC completed our annual site audit at the Hilton Hotel, and all Fire Stopping remedial works for the premises exceeded all IFC standards and regulations. All completed work has been signed off as compliant by our Project Manager and certified by the IFC.

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ClearView covers all aspects of passive fire protection, including fire doorsfire compartmentation and, of course, fire stopping. If you are interested in our passive fire protection services, please call 01245 214104 now or email [email protected]



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