LondonWaste (London)


Objective: ANPR & CCTV system in North London

LondonWaste is one of the UK’s largest waste management providers and is wholly owned by the North London Waste Authority to manage waste materials and recyclables for a number of North London Boroughs.

Prior to working with ClearView Communications, LondonWaste was using seven separate CCTV systems to monitor movements on the 40 acre site, none of which were integrated.


LondonWaste needed to monitor traffic movements across their 40 acre flagship site in Edmonton and improve the security. Additionally, they were seeking to address the time consuming manual operation of logging vehicles’ registration details at gates and weighbridges. Their requirement included:

  • Introduce an efficient process for vehicle registration logging
  • A central system to link all images and data from across 5 sites
  • Enhance their security and prevent illegal dumping and theft
  • To provide an integrated, centrally controlled system

The ClearView Solution

ClearView installed an integrated CCTV system with complete coverage, including ANPR. As a result, LondonWaste were able to monitor and manage traffic throughout the whole site from central and local control positions.

The system provides:

  • Improvement in overall security
  • Pre-registered vehicle automatic entry to the weighbridges via barrier control
  • Vehicle direction to the correct disposal area
  • Automatic invoice generation and an audit trail of all vehicle movements

Read or download our LondonWaste case study

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