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Magdalene College

Requirements Many educational facilities require a security solution that is sympathetic to the building, whilst still providing a high level of security. St Mary Magdalene had a requirement for CCTV and access control that would meet this exacting criteria. They contacted ClearView who are one of the UK’s premier...

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Data Centre

Requirements Access Control proximity card readers PIN and fingerprint technologies Integration of access control with CCTV system Central site security management system No mains power at the doors The ClearView Solution The access control system designed by ClearView was IP-based, so live and historical data can be seen from...

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Conde Nast

Requirements As a requirement, the media company needed heightened security and strict access control to both their London Headquarters and their new fashion college. Access control would be vital to restrict the movement of unauthorised personnel through their establishments. Their exact requirements included: Keeping staff and students safe whilst...

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