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Nexus Infrastructure

Nexus is a leading provider of essential infrastructure services to the UK housebuilding and commercial sectors. Nexus has recently opened a new office at Nexus Park at Great Notley in Braintree, requiring a complete security system installation and maintenance. After a successful tender process, ClearView won the contract to...

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Lawlor Cat Hotel

Requirements: The Lawlor Cat Hotel approached ClearView with a unique request that would appeal to the cat lovers using its services. They required a CCTV system that would allow customers to remotely view live foot-age of their cats from anywhere in the world. The ClearView Solution: ClearView designed a...

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Southern Docks

Requirements Networked multi-camera installation 24 hour complete coverage of whole terminal 25 image per second recorded frame rate The ClearView Solution To achieve the complete coverage required, ClearView used a variety of techniques to transmit the CCTV images across the network, including wired and wireless IP. High speed colour/mono...

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