CCTV Decoding & Replay

ClearView’s Digi Product Range – CCTV Players, Decoders, Replay and Video Demultiplexing

ClearView have been manufacturing and supporting Analogue and Digital CCTV Decoding Solutions, around the world, since 1996 when they introduced “Unimux” – the world’s first “universal” video de-multiplexer.

Our CCTV viewing systems allow non-technical staff within the Criminal Justice System to view and process CCTV for investigative, evidential and presentation purposes. They make use of CCTV more effective in investigating and solving crime, speed up investigations and allow specialist video labs to focus on more technically challenging work.

They can automatically identify, decode and display all common CCTV, still image, audio and DVD formats and output in standard video format. They are powerful, but simple to use – with a minimum number of controls to make operation as intuitive as possible.

DigiTrac – Flagship replay system capable of replaying digital and analogue multiplexed (option) CCTV from virtually any media with a host of sophisticated editing functions

DigiMux – Replay system capable of replaying digital and analogue multiplexed CCTV from a range of media with the ability to edit, convert and print

DigiVue – Replay system capable of replaying digital CCTV from a range of media with the ability to edit, convert and print

DigiSoft- Software solution for loading onto your PC or laptop. Capable of replaying digital CCTV with the ability to edit, convert and print

Key features include:–

  • Designed for use by non-technical staff
  • Instantly view and identify CCTV footage
  • Capture video and still images of interest quickly and easily
  • Speed up investigations by showing suspects evidence immediately
  • Built in universal player for easier replay of CCTV video
  • Optimised for use with a normal or touch screen displays
  • Regular upgrades with new players / software features
  • Convert and burn video to DVD or the digital video format of your choice
  • Analogue to digital video conversion
  • Duplication
  • Video and image editing
  • Document preparation
  • Encryption
  • Verification
  • Audit trail

Simple Operation

The systems have been developed for maximum simplicity and ease of use for non-technical users. All functions are accessed from the main system control screen that Microsoft Windows users will be instantly familiar with. Where possible, functions are automatic (e.g. automatic CCTV format / player detection). Software requires minimal mouse clicks to complete a task (e.g. two click process to convert a digital video recording to DVD-video format). A favourites menu offers quick links to the most frequently used applications.

Automatic Detection and Play of Digital CCTV and Video formats

The systems uses ClearView’s proprietary media player and CCTV format detection software designed and developed specifically for CCTV replay. They automatically identify and select the appropriate CCTV player from the system’s library of hundreds of viewers. As a result, you can view footage directly rather than having to wait for the disk to be sent to a central facility for viewing or conversion. This can result in suspects being shown evidence and charged immediately rather than having to be bailed to return when the footage has been processed.

The software is based on ClearView’s “Auto Code Detect” programme which has been developed for minimum user intervention so that once CCTV media is inserted it is automatically analysed. In addition to CCTV, they can playback standard DVD Videos (Including video interviews), digital and mobile camera stills and video.

Convert & Burn

Using ClearView’s in-house easy to use convert and burn “3 clicks” feature you can:

  • Convert digital video footage and burn it to DVD for replay on a domestic DVD Video player.
  • Extract audio from a digital video file and export it to MP3, WAV or FLAC for transcribing.
  • Convert proprietary CCTV video file to a format of your choice (e.g. AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MPEG2).

Video or still images can be easily copied onto CD, DVD or USB flash drive. Images can also be printed. High speed duplication of CD/DVDs is possible creating a 1:1 copy or two simultaneously.

Image & Video Footage Capture and Printing

This system is suitable for creating video for presentation in court. You can capture an image of interest or a sequence of video by pressing the appropriate hotkey and dragging out crosshairs with the mouse over the area of the screen you require. The captured image or video footage is then stored on the hard drive where it may be printed (still image) or burned to DVD (Video) quickly and easily using the built-in convert and burn feature.

Video clips can be cut and added to a sequence along with still images and titles to make a compilation for presentation purposes. Index points and chapters can be marked on the video so that specific sections can be found easily. Standard DVD players will show the title screen with all index points.


Access is protected by a three tier user access control system that encrypts username and passwords. Operations performed are recorded to a built-in audit trail and logged by user, time and date information.

New Players and Codecs
New players and codecs are added to the system’s library and regularly sent to you to ensure that the system keeps up-to-date with the latest players, system functions and software features.

ClearView’s award-winning and industry-accredited software engineers provide a wealth of expertise and advice to help you choose the most suitable CCTV hardware or software option for your needs.


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