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CCTV Installation Canvey Island

CCTV Installation Canvey Island

We are an NSI Gold accredited CCTV installation company serving Canvey Island. We utilise our 25 years of experience and expert knowledge to secure your property 24/7.

FPA Protection Association Member 2021
CCTV Security Systems Canvey Island

Looking for CCTV Installation in Canvey Island?

ClearView provides first-class CCTV Installation across Canvey Island. Protect your staff and premises with a GDPR compliant CCTV camera system designed to meet your needs.

With over 25 years of experience in providing commercial CCTV installation across Canvey Island, we have worked with businesses from a wide range of industries. Our expertise and experience mean we provide unrivalled expertise and outstanding customer service.

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    How we can help

    Commercial CCTV Installation in Canvey Island

    As a business owner in Canvey Island, a large part of your responsibility includes protecting your employees, equipment and machinery. Unfortunately, even with the right insurance, it can be expensive to replace missing items. More importantly, it is impossible to repair the trauma experienced by your colleagues during a burglary or intrusion.

    At ClearView, we have a great variety of CCTV products that can help secure your business. In the first instance, we’ll undertake a free site survey to discover what areas of your premises are most vulnerable. We will then take you through all your available options. In addition, we will provide guidance on which type of CCTV system is best to keep your premises secure.

    Gain total peace of mind and help you meet your business security systems, safety and management requirements. Please find out more about our CCTV solutions by completing the form above to book a free site survey. Of course, you can always call us on 01245 214104 to speak to a member of our team.


    CCTV Monitoring

    Our SSAIB category 5-approved monitoring centre provides you with a quicker, more effective response. In addition, we can monitor your internal and external CCTV cameras, all from our central monitoring station 24/7.


    Video Analytics

    Video analytics can transform standard CCTV systems into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems. CCTV cameras are now capable of recognising the faces of people, vehicles, animals and bags automatically. Our security systems consist of:

    • CCTV face recognition cameras
    • People counting software
    • Intruder detection systems and more

    CCTV Installation Essex

    We are one of the leading CCTV installation companies in Essex. We have been providing surveillance systems across the county for over 25 years.

    CCTV Installation Basildon

    As a local CCTV Installer, we also provide installation services to the neighbouring town of Basildon. Learn more about our local services by following the link below.

    CCTV Installers in Colchester

    Learn more about our experience serving businesses across Colchester.

    4K Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    4K Resolution CCTV

    4K CCTV is becoming more popular over time. This is because 4K cameras provide double the resolution of HD cameras, allowing you more outstanding image quality. In addition, 4K can remove the need for optical zoom in some scenarios due to their high pixel count.

    High Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    High Resolution CCTV

    HD cameras are the standard for most modern CCTV systems. At 1080p, images are sharper and allow for identification from greater distances. Additionally, high definition cameras provide a cost-effective solution and utilise advanced software.

    Standard Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    Standard Resolution CCTV

    At 720x480p standard definition CCTV is considered entry-level. The low image quality makes identifying faces difficult unless under near-perfect lighting conditions. However, SD CCTV does act as a good deterrent. If your property has bandwidth issues, SD cameras are a viable option.

    4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
    HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
    SD 720 x 480 pixels

    CCTV Camera Types

    CCTV cameras come in a wide range of brands, types and specifications. In addition, each camera type has its unique functionalities suited to varying environments.

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    Fully Accredited

    Peace of mind through certification to the highest industry standards.


    Over 25 years providing bespoke CCTV, Fire Protection & Access Control security solutions from our 2,000m² HQ in Essex.

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    Complete fire & security service with rapid response 24/7, 365 days a year.