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CCTV Installation Colchester

State of the art CCTV camera installation for businesses of all sizes in Colchester. We are a well-established and highly accredited CCTV installation company serving customers across Colchester.

CCTV Security Systems Colchester

Looking for CCTV Installation in Colchester?

To fully protect your staff and premises, you require a CCTV camera system installation which is GDPR compliant and tailor-made to your needs and requirements.

We have over 25 years experience in providing commercial CCTV installations across Colchester, and have worked with a various different market sectors, building lasting relationships with over 350 businesses throughout the town including, Colchester Borough Council, Colchester Institute, Jump Street Colchester, FDM Artwork Limited, AK Metals Ltd, Apex Evolution,  NHS, and much more.

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    Our Commercial CCTV Installations Colchester

    Throughout Colchester, business owners and managers invest in better technologies to protect their assets, property and employees. We provide an extensive range of high-performance CCTV systems and installation services to commercial properties across the region. Our expert CCTV Installation Technicians undertake a no-obligation site survey to discover vulnerabilities within your premises and recommend an efficient security solution designed to meet your budget. Then, we utilise our expert knowledge and experience to implement a CCTV system that secures your property whilst giving you peace of mind.

    Crime in Colchester

    In 2020, the overall crime rate was 92 crimes per 1000 people, above Essex’s overall crime rate by 16%. In September 2020, there were 81 reports of shoplifting across Colchester. Additionally, during December 2020, 55 drug-related crimes were making it Essex’s most dangerous area for drugs. Despite this, Colchester is the second safest major town in Essex.
    In January 2021, Colchester Council began a significant transformation of their CCTV systems, which included the installation of over 100 cameras connected to a central control system.

    CCTV Installation Essex

    Your local Brentwood CCTV Essex. We are a certified CCTV Installation company based in Chelmsford, Essex and have been providing security camera installations in Essex for over 25 years, keeping our clients safe.

    CCTV Installation Chelmsford

    ClearView has been providing CCTV system installations in Chelmsford for over 25 years. Our specialist CCTV installers will Advise you on which CCTV system will protect your premises and meet your business security systems, safety and management requirements.

    CCTV Installation London

    As a fully certified CCTV installation company, ClearView's fully accredited CCTV installers can ensure complete protection of your premises by installing companies across London for over 25 years.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many security cameras do I need for my business in Colchester?

    This will depend on the nature of the problem or threat that the CCTV camera system needs to resolve. The first step is to mark key areas of concern on a site plan. Next, define the problems affecting the premises e.g. theft, unauthorised entry, health and safety etc. This process will give you an idea of the number of CCTV cameras required.

    Q: How much does it cost to install CCTV in Colchester?

    The camera type, number of cameras and installation requirements will all determine the final cost of your CCTV system installation.

    Please get in touch with us to book a free consultation and site visit so we can determine your requirement and provide a fixed quote for your consideration.

    Q: What camera resolution do I need?

    The camera resolution required will depend on whether you want to detect, observe, recognise or identify (as defined by the Home Office), at each area under surveillance. We typically use HD CCTV cameras with between 3 and 8 megapixel resolution (8MP cameras are termed 4K CCTV cameras). For identification, you will require 40 pixels per face or 5 pixels/cm. Our designers will ensure that the right CCTV cameras are selected for your system. Please take a look at the section below showing the difference between common camera resolutions.

    Q: What is the best CCTV system for my business?

    The best CCTV system for your business depends on a number of factors. That’s why we offer a free quote and no obligation consultation to determine your exact requirements. Ensuring as a minimum we meet your security needs while taking into account budget and any technical constraints.

    In short, the best CCTV system for your business  in Colchester is one that can be realistically obtained based on your needs and circumstances. We work with a range of partners to ensure a wide variety of products are available, and are NSI Gold accredited to ensure we can provide the best installation advice to our customers.

    Q: Do I need a licence for CCTV?

    You do not require a CCTV licence as such. However, if you are an organisation, business or sole trader who processes personal information (this includes use of CCTV systems), you will need to include details of your CCTV usage in your notification to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This will help ensure that you comply with your GDPR obligations.

    If you would like to find out more speak to a member of our team by calling 01245 214104, completing the form above or start a live chat (bottom right of your webpage).

    Q: What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

    There are many different types of CCTV camera, some general use and some for bespoke requirements. Categories include wired, wireless, fixed and PTZ (pan tilt zoom) controlled. Fixed camera are bullet, turret or dome and designed for internal, external, vandal-resistant and weatherproof applications.

    Specialist bespoke cameras including Thermal CCTV, Marine CCTV, Explosion proof CCTV, Hazardous CCTV and ANPR systems can be found on our CCTV Cameras page.

    4K Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    4K Resolution CCTV in Colchester

    4K CCTV cameras are currently towards the top of the CCTV range in terms of resolution. Like HD cameras they offer great picture quality, but at double the resolution you can see even more detail. 4K cameras can in some instances remove the need for cameras to have an optical zoom, so although they are the more expensive option, it may be worth comparing them with HD cameras. If you are looking for a highly crisp picture quality or extending the viewing distance of your existing CCTV system this is a great option.

    High Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    High Resolution CCTV in Colchester

    High resolution or high definition CCTV cameras are a popular choice for most applications. Capturing more pixels provides a clearer image, showing more detail and allowing you to identify faces and text from further away. Coupled with an optical zoom, HD CCTV cameras offer a powerful and cost effective CCTV system solution. Compatibility with more advanced detection software like people counting systems and video analytics are an additional benefit.

    Standard Definition CCTV Resolution
    The benefits of

    Standard Resolution CCTV in Colchester

    Cost is really the only benefit of standard definition cctv cameras. Manufacturers now use high definition cameras across most product ranges. This is due to SD quality being poor which doesn't allow for easy identification of intruders or detail on vehicles / objects. If cost as well as network bandwidth for wireless applications are an issue, and you merely would like to identify the presence of something or someone then SD CCTV may be an option.

    4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
    HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
    SD 720 x 480 pixels

    CCTV Camera Types

    There are various different types of CCTV camera with specialist properties suited to different applications across Colchester. For example ANPR camera installations are configured to allow specialist software to automatically recognise number plates while vehicles are on the move. While Thermal CCTV camera installations provide excellent night vision and can be setup to measure body temperature at close range.

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