CCTV Recording Systems – Essex, UK

ClearView has been manufacturing and installing high performance digital video CCTV recorder systems & DVR recorders since they were first introduced. We have developed our expertise over many years and can recommend, design, install and support a wide variety of systems including:

  • DVR – Digital video recorder with analogue (BNC) camera inputs
  • NVR – Network video recorder with IP network camera inputs
  • Hybrid – Video recorder with analogue and IP camera inputs

CCTV Recording options include:

  • On-board hard disc
  • Separate SCUSI or iSCUSI hard disc recording
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • RAID0, 1, 5, 6 and LTO-tape storage

The CCTV Video Recorder (CCTV DVR, NVR or hybrid system) is a core element of a CCTV footage recording solution. It ensures that all cameras are recorded at the correct resolution and frame rate and allows images to be monitored and controlled on screen. CCTV DVR and NVR systems can also allow access to CCTV Systems via the Internet or through a local area network.

Since 1996, ClearView have specialised in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV recording systems, whether they be simple 4 channel and 8 channel CCTV DVRs (digital video recorder), or network systems with hundreds of terabytes of external storage.

CCTV Recording – Hard Drive Backup Storage Solutions

The safe storage of CCTV footage is an important element of managing a CCTV recording system and we provide CCTV recorders with hard drives and CCTV RAID backup solutions that address this need.
ClearView’s video recorders are in use by police forces around the world for demanding evidential recording applications. Many UK police forces use ClearView’s digital CCTV recorders for custody suite video and audio recording applications. Our video interview recording systems are used extensively for high quality real-time video and audio recording,

ClearView’s award-winning and industry-accredited engineers will offer expertise and suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate method to match your security requirements.

Our solution recommendations are determined by the following factors:

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