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Covert Cameras

Hidden Cameras for Discreet Use

Covert Cameras provide discreet surveillance. Suitable for a broad range of applications, our miniature internal and external hidden CCTV cameras are designed and developed to provide monitoring tools disguised in everyday commercial and domestic objects.

FPA Protection Association Member 2021
All cameras are available with optional audio

Sophisticated Covert Cameras

We can build covert cameras into virtually any disguise at our specialist manufacturing facility. Typical camera “hides” include PIR, detector, clock, and electrical wall plate; more sophisticated cameras can be pens, pot plants and briefcases. All cameras are available with optional audio.

Covert CCTV System Designers

Formed in 1996 and with headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex, ClearView specialise in the design, supply and maintenance of an extensive range of covert CCTV camera systems throughout the UK and Europe and partner with several leading manufacturers, including:

Additional manufacturers that we have experience installing:

Samsung, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Redvision, WEC, Altron, Ganz, BBV, Pelco, Eneo, Raytec, Tecton, Mobotix, NVT, Video switch, Heitel, Qnap, Verint, Pentax, & Dedicated Micros.

CCTV Cameras
Spy Cameras
What is a Covert Camera?

For discreet surveillance, hidden cameras or (spy cameras) can be installed or placed without detection. Covert cameras monitor locations by looking at commercial or domestic objects without anyone knowing the camera is there. Often the secret camera is placed in an area that enables it to remain undetected.


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Over 25 years providing bespoke CCTV, Fire Protection & Access Control security solutions from our 2,000m² HQ in Essex.

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