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High Megapixel Cameras

High Resolution Digital CCTV Cameras – Essex, UK

Your premises’ security can be greatly enhanced with the simple addition or integration of high resolution cameras.

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Clearer images

High resolution multi megapixel cameras

Not only do high resolution multi megapixel cameras produce clearer images but they also provide a wider area of monitoring.

A digital high multi megapixel resolution cameras can record high definition and detailed images which can be easily retrieved should you need to identify any persons or objects. Due to the clear and high quality images, the footage that these cameras produce is more reliable for use as evidence than standard resolution cameras. Digital cameras are capable of producing high resolution still frame images as well as clear motion video allowing a far greater depth of data to be retrieved from the scene than with a conventional analogue system.

What are the benefits of a high resolution megapixel cameras?
  • Unlike analogue CCTV, high resolution digital cameras transmit images over your IP network meaning footage isn’t compressed. This ensures that image quality remains high and you receive the best level of identification.
  • Allows you to clearly identify suspects from recorded footage
  • Fewer cameras required – meaning less cable and cheaper installations
  • Easy integration in to your existing IP network
  • High quality footage – up to 65 times higher resolution than analogue cameras
  • The most basic 1.3M pixel camera will record 2.7 x more detail than a standard PAL camera
  • Zoom into recordings retrospectively to see great evidential detail
Installing CCTV or upgrading your system

As CCTV specialists, ClearView will carry out a detailed site security survey to determine the right number and placement of high resolution CCTV cameras to optimise your premises’ security.
Our advisors will create a bespoke and cost effective solution to enhance the surveillance of your site and to increase identification level.

Our high resolution cameras can be easily integrated in to your existing IP network which reduces the need for cabling and saves you money on CCTV installation.

Did you know that one high resolution camera can often do the job of many traditional cameras, therefore reducing your maintenance and servicing cost.

The best CCTV technology

To give you the best choice of technology, ClearView are accredited partners with leading high resolution camera manufacturers, including:

Additional manufacturers that we support and maintain include: Samsung, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Redvision, WEC, Altron, Ganz, BBV, Pelco, Eneo, Raytec, Tecton, Mobotix, NVT, Videoswitch, Heitel, Qnap, Verint, Pentax and Dedicated Micros.

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