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Security Management Systems & Control Room Design

Security Management System

ClearView are leaders in the integration of multiple unconnected security devices into a single Security Management System (SMS) allowing control through a single user interface.

FPA Protection Association Member 2021
Single user interface

Monitoring and control of security system events

Comprehensive integration
Management data analysis

The systems also monitor IT and peripheral equipment including servers, switches, UPSs and power supplies. The SMS uses an IP backbone and presents all data on site maps via standard or touch screen TFT monitors.

Features and benefits of ClearView’s security management systems include:

  • Comprehensive integration of security systems – transparent to the user
  • Single view of events and incidents
  • Process-driven event management
  • Management data analysis, reporting and information
  • Increased control
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Cost reduction through improved efficiency
  • Improved security through increased intelligence
  • Management of peripheral equipment (IP switches, servers, UPSs etc.)

By analysing intelligent data provided and managed by the SMS, you can act immediately on security escalations, plan according to trends and continuously improve security operations.

Security Management Systems – Single User Interface

ClearView’s Security Management Systems are used by public and private sector organisations around Europe to manage all physical and electronic security disciplines via a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) with keyboard/mouse or touchscreen control. We can provide 2D or 3D site visualistaions.

These systems allow the management of multiple systems from multiple manufacturers from one single simple to use, operator interface.

The SMS increases operator efficiency allowing them to manage security events, rather than managing multiple software products. Alarms are consolidated from multiple sources into a single prioritised event for effective, efficient, management and control. Operators only need to learn one platform, removing the need for specialist expertise in the technology installed at different monitored locations.

Audit Log

All alarms and operator actions are recorded in an audit log for future retrieval and analysis. The audit trail records and timestamps everything the operator witnesses and all actions taken.

The security management system also monitors the performance and activities of the operators or guards. This enable accountability and management review of operator efficiency.

Advanced Status monitoring

Events, alarms and status reports can also be recorded and transmitted using ClearView’s unique Microsoft Outlook interface. Management and service staff can be confident that they always have the up-to-date information they need – whether it be notification of a security breach, or that a UPS battery cell is running low.

In the event of that a component failure occurs, or is imminent, ClearView’s health check remote security monitoring creates an alert. All systems are continuously monitored including components like cameras, encoders, RAID, IP switches, network, and servers. Physical conditions including temperature, humidity and door status may also be checked.

Mobile device support

ClearView’s Security Management Systems works with Apple iPad and iPhone applications. This provides security managers, end users, customers and guards with mobile services to access real time event and service level data. Support for push technology also ensures customers can receive immediate notification of critical events, view live event video as the event is managed and retrieve recorded audit trails.

Control Room Design

The control room is the heart of the plant and the security systems management / operator focal point. ClearView are specialists in control room design and have extensive experience in designing and installing ergonomic control room furniture in the security sector for the following primary applications:

  • CCTV control rooms
  • Concierge suites
  • Alarm receiving centres
  • Command and control suites

We recognise the tough demands that are made on the operator working in a 24/7 security control room environment. It is our aim to improve their working environment by creating a modern and aesthetic control room which gives spacious layouts and ensures their comfort and wellbeing.

Understanding that the design demands for security control rooms are often greater than other control room environments, our control rooms are designed to accommodate multiple screens, users and equipment, all within easy reach of each user.

Future-proofing is also a key consideration. Our systems are adaptable to accommodate additional operators and equipment, maximising available space.

ClearView control room furniture designs ensure:-

  • Compliancy with ISO 11064
  • Compliancy with BS 5979 (for Alarm Receiving Centres).

ClearView also offer their expertise in modifying existing furniture of any material to accommodate new equipment, particularly if there are budget issues. New worktops and ergonomic monitor arms for mounting flat screens can be installed to provide a cost effective solution – creating more desk space for operators.

We offer a free design and consultation service with technical drawings, which demonstrate the control room furniture viewing angles proposed.

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