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Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition

& Video Analytics Software

Facial Recognition – Intruder Detection – People Counting

Video analytics can transform standard CCTV systems into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems. CCTV technology is now capable of recognising faces of people, vehicles, animals and bags automatically.

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Integrated CCTV Systems

Integrated with CCTV video analytics, both facial and general recognition software systems are capable of counting, measuring speed and monitoring direction. For example, recognition systems can monitor the duration of time that people are present in a specific area or how long an unattended bag has been left. Some video analytics solutions are even capable of understanding colour.

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Video Analytics Software

Intelligent video analytics software can recognise different behaviours and create an alarm on a user-defined rule, such as “person moving from vehicle to vehicle in a car park” or “large white vehicle parked in controlled zone”.

Intelligent video can also improve the efficiency of control room operators, automate alarms for non-monitored systems, manoeuvre PTZ cameras to zoom into objects creating alarms and save time when searching CCTV recordings.

ClearView have a wealth of experience in intelligent video applications and can advise on how the power of analytics can best be utilised with cameras, encoders, recorders and security management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.

Common Video Analytics Applications are described below. Also see automatic number plate recognition for this specific analytics application.

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    Automated Security

    Facial Recognition

    Biometric facial recognition systems compare images of individuals from incoming CCTV video against specific databases and send alerts when a positive match occurs.

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    Get Key Insights

    People Counting

    Retailers and visitor attractions require accurate visitor information as a key requirement for their business. ClearView’s people counting system not only counts the number of visitors to a specific location, but also provides statistics for new and return visitors, average visit duration and visit frequency.

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    Reduce Manpower

    Intruder Detection

    Analytics can create a virtual fence which generates an alarm if a vehicle, person or boat crosses a virtual tripwire. The system is capable of categorising objects and can determine their direction.

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