Police Custody Security Systems

Since 1996, ClearView have provided leading-edge custody security systems to hundreds of police stations around the UK, including Essex Police.

To meet the increasing demands on police forces to maximise cell availability and minimise the workload of the custody officer, our innovative custody systems integrate all cell electronic and communication services, providing a single screen interface for management of police custody CCTV, prison cell cameras, intercom, custody access control, affray alarms, fire detection and lighting.

ClearView’s custody recording systems have been standardised on by many UK police forces for demanding custody applications.

Our integrated police custody security systems include:

CCTV Cameras – integrated custody CCTV management systems provide sophisticated monitoring and CCTV recording with central network storage of real-time or time-lapse video and audio. CCTV cameras can be recorded from 31 days at real-time frame rates. Our custody Cell-Net system can be integrated with ClearView’s PaceNet video interview recording systems, allowing video and/or audio interview rooms to be monitored on the same IP network.

Network – all electronic and communication components are monitored and controlled via a single CAT -5/6 cable, viewed and controlled at the custody desk by a single security management system screen.

Lighting – the Cell-Net lighting control system has been designed with the co-operation of the prison and police services, to meet the changing parameters for custodial cells. Our lighting range includes three lamp and two body sizes which are impact resistant, tamper-proof and non-ligature.

Police custody intercom systems

ClearView supply, install and maintain an extensive range of cell call and intercom systems specifically designed for high-security applications including innovative prisoner intercom call points by “non-touch” sensor, with switching and audio systems integrated into cell wall tiles. Cell call systems are typically used in:

  • Police Stations
  • Magistrates Courts
  • Crown Courts
  • Prisons

Prisoner custody intercom call method is via touch or “non-touch” sensor. Cell intercom systems can be interfaced to CCTV Systems, allowing camera views to change and recording rates to increase, enabling the accurate recording of an incident.

Touch screen control is available for the easy selection, control and patching of intercoms.

Affray Alarms – panic strip alarms are integrated into the central control system so that the custody officer can quickly locate where the problem is using his security management system screen site plan.

Cell Monitoring – cell recording systems offering coverage of vulnerable cells and for recording all cells within a single custody suite. The VideSearch (video analytics system) can be utilised as part of a force’s policy to minimise the likelihood of prisoners harming themselves within police cells.

Benefits of cell monitoring technology:

  • Detection system can be used to generate alarms whenever the behaviour of persons in a cell is considered unusual
  • The system can be set to alarm when a prisoner acts in a pre-defined way (e.g. stands behind the cell door or stands on the bed)
  • Alarms can be generated by colour as well as activity.
  • Alarms are notified to custody staff via simple audio and visual prompts, with the display of the camera view of the cell that is giving cause for concern.
  • The system can send an alarm event signal to an existing digital video recording system
  • Automated cell monitoring provides all the retrospective searching capabilities of a standard ClearView VideSearch system

Optional Audio – high sensitivity vandal resistant microphones can be built into the camera housings or located at the custody desk. These do not require batteries or separate mains supplies and will clearly pick up all sound.

ClearView’s award-winning and industry-accredited police custody system engineers will offer expertise and suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your security requirements.

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