Fever Check Thermal Camera System TCB601

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Thermal Network Human Body Temperature Measurement Camera

Thermography has the potential to make a significant contribution to a substantial reduction in the spread of viruses by early detection of high temperatures.


The TCB601 camera can automatically detect someone with a high temperature. It captures the infrared image and visual image to identify the subject.
The system comprises thermal imaging camera, optical CCTV camera, housing, black body and software. The camera can be controlled and managed using the client software provided. This system can be fixed or moveable, with measurement distance of 3-10 meters.


Features of the Fever Check Thermal Camera System:

  • Full network, 384*288 network thermal camera and 2.0M HD network visible camera
  • Built-in blackbody and external blackbody to ensure high accuracy temperature measurement
  • Real-time dynamic thermal image
  • Multiple target measurement
  • Remote non-contact measurement
  • Fast and safe
  • Smart measurement – displayed in video
  • Auto calibration, built-in reference black-body and high precision temperature sensor
  • Fixed and mobile application
  • Multiple high temperature alarming
  • Minimum alarm area to avoid false alarms (e.g. cigarette end)
  • Range of pseudo colours for different temperatures
  • Temperature alarm range configurable
  • Temperature display over measurement area with alarms
  • Snapshot and video recording on alarm for later query/analysis
  • System remotely viewable (with alarms) over network connection



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