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Fire Door Maintenance

Ensuring your fire doors are always fully compliant

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Keeping your fire doors regularly checked and maintained is a legal requirement. Over time, fire doors can degrade from general wear and tear, especially in areas with high volumes of traffic. Carrying out inspections and regular maintenance highlights any fire door component which is not compliant and ensures that the equipment will work when you need it most.

The Importance of Fire Door Maintenance

The fire door and its fittings play a vital role in an emergency by ensuring that when the door is closed, a tight seal is formed between the door and the frame to prevent the spread of fire. It is therefore important to choose an accredited and certified company to conduct your fire door inspections.

As part of our maintenance services, we will inspect all components of the fire door and the frame to check the overall performance of the door.

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Fire Door Maintenance Packages

The best way to ensure your fire doors remain fully compliant is with the right maintenance package. ClearView provide fire door maintenance services to clients offering a silver and gold maintenance package. With our service, you’ll receive:


  • Annual, 6-monthly, quarterly and monthly inspections (dependent upon your requirements)
  • An itemised inspection report
  • Recommendation and quotation for repair and remedial works


  • Annual, 6-monthly, quarterly and monthly inspections (dependent upon your requirements)
  • An itemised inspection report
  • Minor remedial works and adjustments included
  • Fixed annual fee to continually maintain all fire doors, keeping them compliant and fit for purpose


Certified Fire Door Maintenance

Following a report in 2019 by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, it was found that 30% of fire doors nationwide were non-compliant, meaning that the fire door would not perform as it should in an emergency.

By choosing an accredited and certified company to maintain your fire doors, you can be assured that your fire doors are being regularly checked in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and fire legislation.

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