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Passive fire protection

Fire Stopping


An overview of some of the products we use as part of our passive fire protection service.

Fire Protection


We are committed to providing high quality, certified products from UK manufacturers. All products used are independently tested to ensure compliance.

Our specialist teams cover all aspects of passive fire protection. ClearView offers a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment service and is a 3rd party accredited specialist contractor offering a full range of passive fire protection solutions for every project in every sector.

Other areas of passive fire protection include;



Curtain & Cavity Barriers

Cavity barriers form cavity fire stops within buildings and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The material provides compartmentation.

Quelfire curtain and cavity barrier

Fire Batts

A Fire Batt is an ablative coated mineral wool firestop board used to reinstate the fire rating of walls & floors penetrated by services.


fire sealing

Fire stopping walls and floors can often become compromised by building programmes which need to make way for pipework or cable trays. Fire compound provides load-bearing fire seals for light foot traffic.

Quelfire compound

Collars & Wraps

Pipe wraps and collars are designed for use on plastic pipes that pass-through floors and walls.

They have an intumescent material which expands inwards to squeeze the pipe, collapsing it until the opening is completely sealed.

fire collar

Acoustic & Smoke Seals
Intumescent Sealant

Intumescent sealant is generally applied to fire doors, windows, cables, pipes, joints, voids and other small holes through which fire could potentially spread. The sealant is installed to ensure there are no gaps and creates a barrier to smoke and flames which significantly reduces the damage that a fire can cause.

Not just a door
Fire Doors

A fire door is not just the door. It is a complete assembly comprising the frame, any glazing, intumescent fire and smoke seals and all the ironmongery that is used on the door, such as hinges, overhead door closers, latches and locks.

fire door

fire doors
Fully Accredited

Peace of mind through certification to the highest industry standards.


Over 25 years providing bespoke CCTV, Fire Protection & Access Control security solutions from our 2,000m² HQ in Essex.

Security Specialists

Complete fire & security service with rapid response 24/7, 365 days a year.