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Conventional Fire Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm system identifies an activated device (smoke detector) by a zone LED. This is different from the message shown on an addressable system, as an addressable system will show exact locations on the control panel screen highlighting the specifically activated detector.

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Conventional Fire Alarm Specialists

Conventional Fire Detection Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are required to protect life and property. When protecting life, you want to ensure that everyone can escape safely within the appropriate time if a fire occurs. When protecting property, you want to make sure that the system alerts the fire brigade as soon as possible to ensure the building takes minor damage. 

All fire alarm systems need to comply with BS5839-1 to ensure the safest practice.

Conventional Fire Alarm Installation

We can supply, install, maintain, and commission all types of conventional fire alarm systems to the highest standards with our BAFE accreditation and FIA membership. See our industry-leading accreditations.

Clearview can also provide 24hr monitoring on the fire alarm system through our command centre. We monitor the systems via IP and SIM networks. We also monitor faults and false alarms. 

Conventional Fire Alarm Installation
How does it work?
Conventional Fire Alarm System Design

Conventional fire detection systems provide information via analogue electrical currents. Most rely on heat/ smoke detectors and manual call points. These devices then divide into different zones based on their location within a building. This helps the emergency services or end-user locate the device. The control panel receives an electrical signal and sounds the alarm when a device activates. Most will trigger notification devices (Sounders and VADS) and the system operator (ARC). Some may trigger 3rd party systems (fire suppression).

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What's the Difference?
Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems give information about individual detectors, whereas conventional fire alarm systems only give specific circuits (zones) information. Due to this, addressable systems allow a courtesy text label to identify any event quickly. Addressable systems are usually wired in a loop.

Conventional systems are used over Addressable because they are more cost-effective though they aren’t as technically able. Mainly used in public houses/small offices/small apartment blocks/small shops.

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Conventional Fire Alarm Products
Conventional Fire Alarm Features

There are two types of conventional systems, ‘two wire’ or ‘twin flex’. All conventional systems can have the following devices: 

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Rate of rise heat detectors
  • Call points/VADS 
  • Sounders

Conventional fire alarm system

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