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linear heat detection

Linear Heat Detection

Fire Detection Systems

Linear heat detectors (also known as linear heat, linear detection wire or linear heat detection cable) are a prevalent fire detection method designed to detect heat along the distance of a sensor cable.

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Life Safety Systems

Linear Detection Systems

Linear heat detection is required to protect life and property. When protecting life, if a fire occurs, you must ensure all staff and occupants can escape safely within the appropriate time. When protecting property, you have to make sure the system alerts the fire brigade as soon as possible to ensure minimal damage to the building.

All linear systems need to comply with BS5839-1 to ensure the safest practice.

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ClearView has vast experience and industry-leading accreditations for fire detection systems. Obtaining a BAFE accreditation and FIA membership we can supply, install, maintain, and commission all types of linear systems to the highest standards. 

Clearview can also provide 24hr monitoring, through our command centre, on all smoke detection and fire alarm systems. We monitor the systems via IP and SIM networks. We also monitor faults and false alarms.

Linear Heat detection accreditation

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Where is Linear Heat Installation Suitable??
Linear Detection Installation

This type of smoke detection is typically installed in refrigerated and cold stores (assuring the temperatures do not exceed -40 degrees) and rooms, factories, or car parks that produce a high volume smoke fumes, dust particles and other fumes. Other smoke detection systems would not be suitable in these locations as the fumes would activate the alarm generating false signals.

Linear detection cable has limited states of installation such as:

  • Where there is an open-circuit as it creates an infinite resistance
  • In normal operating conditions, because the resistance will be identical to the end-of-line resistor
  • Where fire detection installation is required as there is resistance of the linear heat cable to the short circuit.

You would use over conventional or addressable because you are less likely to receive false alarms. 

Linear heat detection

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Linear heat is a cable (two-core) that is terminated with an end-of-line resistor. The Linear detection two core cable is separated by polymer plastic which melts commonly when it reaches 68 degrees for building applications. A Linear system consists of 2 wire cables and a control panel.

Linear Heat Detection Features

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