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wireless fire detection

Wireless Fire Alarm System

A wireless fire alarm system uses radio signals instead of cabling. All devices report back to the main control panel. Unlike Conventional and Addressable, which utilise cabling.

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Wireless Fire Detection

Wireless fire detection systems protect life and property. When protecting life, you must make sure all staff and occupants can escape safely and within the appropriate time if a fire occurs. When protecting property, you must ensure that the fire alarm system alerts the fire brigade as soon as possible to ensure the building takes minimal damage. 

All fire alarm systems must comply with BS5839-1 to ensure the safest practice.

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Wireless Fire Alarm Installation

We can supply, install, maintain, and commission all types of wireless systems to the highest standards with our BAFE accreditation and FIA membership.

Clearview can provide 24hr monitoring on the wireless system through our command centre. We monitor the systems via IP and SIM networks. We also monitor faults and false alarms.

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How Does a Wireless System Work?
Wireless Fire Detection Design

A wireless smoke detection system works similarly to a hard-wired (Conventional/Addressable) system. You have a fire control panel with smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, etc. When activated, reports to the control panel. The only difference between wireless and hard-wired detection is that the signals are processed via radio waves.

Commonly installed within protected buildings, wireless systems cause less damage/interruption within the structure of the building. It’s also very cost-effective as you do not need to install containment and cabling.

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Wireless Fire Detection Features (products)

Wireless systems can have the following devices. Smoke Detectors/Heat Detectors/Rate of rise heat detectors/Call points/VADS and Sounders/ interfaces and wireless boosters (to extend signals in more significant buildings).

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