Despite fire safety measures being a mandatory requirement for employers in England, it is not always clear what action needs to be taken and what needs to be put in place to ensure your staff and business are completely safe.

Know your responsibilities for workplace fire safety

Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, as an employer or business owner, you are responsible for keeping your business is as safe from fire as possible. As the “responsible person,” you have several obligations.

These include:

  • Having fire risk assessments carried out and reviewed regularly
  • Informing staff of any risks that have been identified
  • Ensuring that appropriate safety systems are in place
  • Providing staff with fire safety training and instruction
  • Ensuring regular fire safety maintenance is carried out on your equipment

Did you know that 67% of fires occur out of hours when buildings are closed and that 25% of businesses affected by serious fire never recover?

To help you as an employer, see our list below of 4 important safety tips:

  • Provide your staff with a simple and clear emergency plan – In the event of a fire, an emergency plan is key in ensuring your staff evacuate the building safely and meet in a safe and secure location. However, a perfect plan is impractical if it is not clearly communicated to every staff member.
  • Get Fire Safety Training – Every member of your staff needs to know what to do in the event of a fire, especially those who are nominated as a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden. As well as complying with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, fire training provides your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their colleagues in the event of a fire.
  • Service your fire alarms and fire extinguishers regularly – You need to trust that your fire detection systems and your fire extinguishers will work when you need them the most. Regular maintenance for your fire safety equipment is vital to keep your systems working to their fullest potential.
  • Be proactive with passive fire protection – Fire doors and fire stopping. Ensure that regular inspections and maintenance is carried out by certified passive fire
  • protection specialists.

These tips are just a start to making sure your business is as safe from fire as possible. At ClearView, we provide you with the expertise and knowledge to ensure you minimise your fire risks and comply with all relevant safety regulations.

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