Interview Transcription Solutions

ClearView provide a wide range of interview transcription solutions including software and hardware CD / DVD transcribers which are used throughout the UK and Europe by police, social services, law enforcement agencies and commercial organisations for playing from CD, DVD, USB drive, hard disk or network sources.

All systems are compatible with a wide variety of different video and audio formats and include a foot pedal for easy operation and playback control. Our interview transcription systems include:

  • Hardware Transcription Solutions
  • Software Transcription Solutions
  • Network Transcription Solutions

Hardware Interview Transcription Equipment

ClearView’s hardware interview transcription equipment is used throughout the UK and for playing from CD, DVD, USB drive, hard disk or network sources.


This fully featured hardware transcription machine is designed specifically for transcribing interviews. It can be used to accurately transcribe media from a wide range of interview recording equipment. It is robust, configurable and easy to use.


  • Variable backspace feature that automatically rewinds media from 1-9 seconds
  • Three position foot pedal control (Included). Each position can be set by the user to match existing equipment.
  • Plays DVD and CD media including VOB, MP3 and more. Playback software can be upgraded to accommodate new formats.
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack enabled you to use headphones of your choice.
  • Internal speaker for conference playback.
  • Soft touch control buttons on machine.
  • 2 line 20 character illuminated LCD display.

Technical Specification:

  • Power input: 12V DC (Mains power supply included)
  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Skip function: Forward, back 10 – 60 seconds in 10 second increments. 2- 10 minutes in 1 minute increments, skip chapters.
  • Video output: VGA
  • Variable playback speed: 0.9% to 1.9% in 0.1% increments.


  • Monitor: Two position mini VGA screen for confidence.
  • Monitor: Full size VGA monitor to help with lip reading on poor recordings.
  • Headphone Upgrade: Noise cancelling headphones for use in busy offices.

Network Transcription systems

Clearview’s network transcription solution uniquely allows operators to associate notes to a video or audio recording. These notes may be in the form of comments or a full written transcript.

Shortcut keys are available to make it easy for the operator or transcription typist to automatically insert the annotated notes or transcript into the recording in real-time. When reviewing the finished notes the relevant section of the recording can be replayed instantly with a single click.

This network transcription system supports channel isolation and individual volume, playback speed and back-space control. This allows the operator to have complete control over the playback process.

Software Transcription

Transcription of video / audio or audio only recordings.
Controlled by foot pedal or keyboard hotkeys which can be set to your action of choice
Easy to use interface
Transcribe notes directly into the program or your preferred word processor package

Technical Specification:
• Supported Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, CDA, WMA, WAV
• Supported Video Formats: AVI, MPEG1/2, WMV, ASF, VOB, MP4
• Controls: Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, Next Chapter, Previous Chapter, Frame Advance, Frame Reverse, Jump back (Back space), Jump Forward

Transcription Software Requirements

Software Requirements:
• Windows XP/ Windows Vista / Windows 7 – 32 bit versions only
• .NET Framework Ver 2.x or greater
• Windows Media Player Ver 10.x or greater
• Local administrator user rights

Hardware Requirements:
• One available 9 pin serial port (For foot pedal control only, not required for hotkey control).
• One available USB socket.

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