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Business Security intruder alarm detection and prevention systems specialists. We supply burglar alarms and intruder detection systems for a range of business types.

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Complete Peace of Mind

ClearView provide an extensive range of alarm systems and bespoke security solutions, including;

Since 1996, ClearView has been leading the way in commercial alarm systems installation in Chelmsford, Essex and throughout the UK.

Our intruder alarm installations have catered for some of the world’s most demanding security requirements, and our 20,000 square foot premises allows us to showcase our entire range of alarms to our customers.

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    Our Solutions

    Accredited & Industry Qualified

    Our in-house team of accredited and industry-qualified hardware and software engineers provide customised alarm system design and maintenance support services across many market sectors, including:

    We partner with Texecom & Emizon, leading intruder alarm manufacturers.

    Take a look at our current range of solutions by following the links below, or contact ClearView directly for more information and tailored quotes.

    Burglar / Intruder Alarm Systems

    You can safeguard your business from unauthorised access with a tailor made burglar alarm system. A fully customised burglar security system will offer you peace of mind that your premises is protected, 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Perimeter Detection

    Electronic Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) are crucial for critical infrastructure and commercial sites. Having a reliable and efficient risk-deterrent perimeter Alarm system is mandatory.

    Panic Alarms

    Workers in a position of authority and dealing with members of the public are at greatest risk of experiencing incidents of workplace violence and aggression. Panic and affray alarm systems provide assistance and reassurance in an emergency.

    Key Holding

    Our keyholders will attend your premises within 20 minutes of being notified. All keyholders are trained in the operation of intruder alarm systems and will ensure all parts of your premises is safe.

    Alarm Monitoring

    Our remote monitoring & maintenance service will feed your alarm systems to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If an alarm is activated, the ARC operators will immediately contact and notify the appropriate organisation as instructed by you.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How will a burglar alarm detect a thief?


    A Burglar/Intruder system will detect unauthorised entry and break-ins through various features within the system. A dual tech PIR sensor will detect a thief using both passive infrared (PIR) technology and microwave technology. Both the device’s PIR sensor and its microwave sensor must be triggered for an alarm event to occur. When the door opens, the contact sensors are separated, creating an alarm signal. Another detection device is vibration and shock sensor. These detect instances of sudden impact or severe vibration which activates the alarm (for example when a wall is attacked – or window smashed. The bell box installed externally on the premises acts as a visible deterrent to burglars. It indicates that the building has an alarm system installed and will sound and flash when the alarm is activated.


    What are the best commercial alarm systems?


    Alarm systems are vital in protecting commercial premises. Intruder detection sensors deter, detect, delay, and deny unauthorised access, whilst a perimeter detection system provides crucial time for security teams to react to unauthorised intrusions. They can also be integrated with access control and CCTV Systems to deliver comprehensive security.

    For organisations where staff deal with the public there is increased risk of incidents, violence, and aggression. Panic and affray alarm systems reassure staff and provide assistance in an emergency ClearView work with various manufacturers for alarm systems, please see our partner’s page.


    Why use an accredited/certified installer?


    NSI is an UKAS accredited independent certification body for the security systems, guarding services and fire safety sectors, in the UK. An NSI Gold approved installer ensures they have ISO 9001 approval for Quality Management Systems. Buyers and specifiers can be assured their NSI approved security and fire safety providers are reputable and trustworthy with the expertise required. Most insurers require an accredited installer. With our NSI Gold accreditation and a professional team of engineers, you can be confident that we will provide the highest maintenance and service standards to your intruder alarm security systems. You can have complete peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable supplier who meets NSI’s standards of designing, installing, and maintaining alarm systems.


    Are alarm systems worth the money?


    Having an alarm system installed has many benefits and is key to protecting your premises, staff and possessions. Not only does it give you peace of mind that your premises are protected from unauthorised entry, but it can also reduce your insurance premiums if installed by an NSI accredited company.


    Can you desensitise an alarm to pets?


    Pet-friendly PIRs are designed to be pet tolerant, to ignore any changes in passive infrared (movement of body heat) at floor level, up to 35kgs in weight/mass.


    How do burglar alarms signal to the police?


    In the event of an alarm activation due to unauthorised access, the signalling system will alert the alarm monitoring centre (ARC) who will confirm it is not a false alarm and then follow the procedures in place for the site. This might be calling the nominated keyholder or the police. Alarms do not signal directly to the police.


    Do ClearView monitor alarm systems?


    ClearView’s Intruder alarm maintenance, servicing, and repair safeguard your alarm system’s correct operation and maintains the security of your premises, staff, and valuable assets. ClearView offers a bespoke maintenance package to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our highly qualified engineers can continuously monitor your intruder alarm system through remote access, ensuring a quick diagnostic of the problem, resolving the issue without the need for an engineer site visit.
    Alternatively, with ClearView’s bespoke Synergy package, you can save time and money by combining all your fire and security system cover into one maintenance package at a fixed monthly fee.


    Do I need alarm maintenance?


    To comply with NSI requirements, your monitored intruder alarm will require a porevantative maintenance service visit every 6 months.

    The Benefits of Intruder Alarm Maintenance include rapid response (within 4 hours) from a trained engineer, prolonged life of your equipment, telephone support and remote fault diagnostics for speedy fault resolution.


    Do ClearView offer keyholding services?


    ClearView offers a keyholding service to ensure you are never unnecessarily called out and have peace of mind knowing your premises are safe while you are not there. Our keyholding specialists are fully trained and can attend your site within 20 minutes of your alarm activation. If your alarm is activated, our monitoring centre will task a response vehicle to investigate the premises, conducting a full site check where if the alarm is false, they will reset the alarm and lock the building.
    Alternatively, if the activation is a confirmed break-in, we will follow the agreed procedure and notify the police.


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