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Perimeter Alarm Security & Intruder Detection Systems

Fully protect your premise's perimeter

Electronic Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) are crucial for critical infrastructure and commercial sites. Having a reliable and efficient risk-deterrent perimeter Alarm system is mandatory.

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Alarms and Intruder Detection Systems

Since 1996, ClearView has provided perimeter alarms and intruder detection systems to clients around the world, helping fulfil the stringent security needs of both commercial and public sector organisations. We provide a layered approach considering climate, topography, budget and threat that typically requires integration of multiple technologies.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems known as (PIDS), uses state of the art technology to constantly monitor a site’s perimeter which enables early detection of intruders

How Does Perimeter Security & Intruder Detection Work?

Intruder detection sensors deter, detect, delay and deny intruders. A perimeter security system provides critical time for security teams to respond to unauthorised intrusions.

Various types of PIDS sensor are available to cater for different types of application and risk. These identify noise and vibrations during intrusion attempts, or alarm when a beam is crossed, alerting security personnel of an intrusion.
In conjunction with the physical barrier provided by the perimeter fence, the PIDS forms the first line against attempted intrusions. They provide the earliest warning of intrusion attempts while simultaneously ensuring that false alarms are minimised. During intrusion attempt, security staff can monitor and verify intruder activity.

The alarm signal will be generated from the zone on the perimeter where the attack is taking place. It can be integrated with CCTV Systems and access control systems to provide a comprehensive security solution i.e. a PTZ camera zooms to the location, lighting can illuminate the area, and the alarm can be relayed to remote central monitoring.

ClearView’s perimeter intruder detection solutions include
  • Fence detection: microphonic cable
  • Detection of open spaces: active IR beams, Video Analytics, buried copper or fibre cable
  • Detection of penetration of roofs and walls: microphonic cable
  • Forced opening of shielded spaces detection (water tanks, gun cabinets): Seismic sensors
  • Detection of opening of doors/windows: contacts, shock sensors
  • Window glass breaking detection: acoustic glass-break sensors
  • Detection of entry in a room: Passive Infra-red detectors, intruder alarms


Our systems are designed to be as overt or discreet as required, making them suitable for any type of environment, including:

  • Military bases
  • Government facilities
  • Oil & gas plants
  • Power plants and substations
  • Sea ports
  • Airports
  • Industrial complexes
  • VIP residences
  • Storage yards
  • Pumping stations and block valve sites
  • Prisons & Secure hospitals
ClearView’s intruder detection and prevention services portfolio is extensive and includes
  • Design and installation – using industry-leading manufacturers
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

We partner with Geoquip, the leading perimeter intruder detection manufacturer, ensuring industry best-practice solutions are used.
To discuss your intruder detection, burglar alarm or security alarm system requirements, Contact us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, read our latest news or review our customer testimonials or client case studies.

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