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Security System Maintenance

24 hour Support For Your Security Systems

The maintenance of security systems protects your staff members and your premises. ClearView provides cost-effective, bespoke servicing packages tailored to suit your security and budget requirements. Whatever the fault with your security system, our experienced engineers will find a solution to alleviate the problem, keeping system downtime to a minimum.

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Bespoke Maintenance Plans

Security System Maintenance

With ClearView’s security maintenance packages, we ensure that your systems are maintained to the highest industry standards and are in full working order when it matters.

We’ll put together a flexible package built especially for you. We provide two levels of service for security maintenance, “Silver” or “Gold”. Each of these service and maintenance options provides its own clearly defined emergency callout response service level and preventative maintenance schedule to ensure systems are performing optimally at all times.


Planned preventative maintenance is a proactive measure to keep your security equipment operational
The Benefits of ClearView's Security Servicing Package
  • Flexible monthly payment options.
  • Discounted ongoing maintenance costs with fewer callouts.
  • Increased system longevity, saving cost and keeping people and premises safe.
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk – for support and advice.
  • One trusted partner for all Security and Fire Maintenance needs.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation.
  • Reduced engineer callouts.
  • Critical spares plan for expedited replacement and repair.
  • Keeping your staff and property safe.
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    Synergy Packages

    Maintenance Contracts for Security Systems

    Security installations are designed to protect people and property as their primary functions. The importance of security system maintenance cannot be overstated because systems will deteriorate and eventually fail with it.

    The maintenance of the security systems includes planned checks of all the security equipment and assets that are part of the installation, such as detectors, CCTV cameras, alarm panels, computers systems, sensors, and firmware and software.

    The best way to protect your staff and property is with the right security system maintenance plan provided by a 3rd party certified security specialist like ClearView.

    Our Synergy security service contract packages keep your security and fire systems working at all times, reducing costs and freeing up staff resources. You’ll have peace of mind that your systems comply with all legal and insurance requirements.

    With a Synergy total service plan, you can receive protection from our 24/7 control centre 365 days a year.

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    Why Synergy?

    The Benefits of our Synergy Security Service Package

    This bespoke fire and security systems support package manages multiple elements at a fixed monthly price.

    With our package you can benefit from:

    • Keeping your staff and property safe
    • Ensuring your compliance with legislation & NACOSS NSI Gold Standards
    • Reduced engineer call outs
    • Reduced support costs
    • Increased security system life span
    • Industry leading turnaround times
    • Support of all  security equipment, regardless of the manufacturer or original installer
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    ensure optimum performance of your CCTV System

    CCTV Maintenance

    CCTV maintenance is a preventative service to ensure that surveillance equipment remains operational for longer. To maintain the effectiveness of your CCTV system, a regular maintenance plan should be in place. We provide cost-effective CCTV service & maintenance, so your CCTV is fully operational and working 24/7, every day of the year, guaranteeing maximum protection for your staff, visitors and premises and ensuring you meet all legal and insurance requirements.

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    maximum protection

    Access Control Maintenance

    Our access control service & maintenance package ensures your system performs at its best, securely and accurately restricting, monitoring, and recording the movement of personnel, assets, or vehicles through your facility.

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    automatic number plate recognition

    ANPR System Servicing

    Parking Solutions Ensuring you have the correct ANPR security maintenance is important to help keep your equipment reliable and your premises safe.

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    complete control

    Maintenance of Intercoms

    Regular intercom repair, service, and maintenance keeps your intercom fully functional at all times, ensuring the highest level of security for your premises, staff and equipment.

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    Security Alarm Maintenance

    Intruder Alarm Servicing

    Clearview intruder alarm maintenance, repair and servicing safeguard the correct operation of your intruder alarm system, maintaining the security of your premises, your staff, and valuable equipment.

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    Intruder alarm installation
    ensure optimum performance

    Gates & Barriers

    Regular security gate & barrier maintenance is essential to keeping them fully operational at all times, helping control traffic and improve the security of your staff, visitors, and property.

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