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Data Centers

A data centre has a commitment to its customers to ensure the data it stores is completely secure. Data centre providers need to be adept at demonstrating just how secure their data is, as customers need to be confident that their data will never be compromised.

Access Control for Data Centres

All visitors should be checked against defined access lists. It’s critical to have control over who can enter your data centre.

This may be in the form of access cards or biometrics.

A biometric system scans the fingerprint or iris of the person trying to enter the data centre. Any unauthorised access attempts result in the individual being unable to pass through the data centre’s mantrap.

A mantrap has two sets of interlocking doors, and identification, preferably biometric, is required at both points. If the biometric system activates the security alarm then all doors will lock, restricting the individual from accessing the site.

Security for Data Centres

Typical data centre security systems include:

  • CCTV
  • Audio/Video Intercom
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Security gates and Barriers
  • Access Control (biometric/proximity card)
  • Airlocks and Mantraps
  • Security Management Systems

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.


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