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Commercial, Retail & Industrial Security

Security systems

Your business is your livelihood and you need to protect it with the most appropriate security systems. Commercial security systems are put in place to secure your stock items, to deter intruders and to ensure the safety of the public and all your staff.

Business Security (Thames Cards)
Integrated security systems are installed into a number of commercial and industrial applications, including:

Thames Card Technology is one of the largest producers of plastic cards in the UK, producing over 250 million loyalty, financial, payment, telephone and membership cards per year.

Thames Card Technology wanted to update their current CCTV security system to digital CCTV recording.

A new system was developed to provide both internal and external security monitoring and to provide fast and effective retrieval of pre-recorded events, as well as live monitoring.

The system can simultaneously view live and recorded images, host multiple remote users, archive and search from any authorised PC on the network.

CCTV Maintenance

Emergency callout responses
Sports CCTV Systems (Ipswich Town Football Club)

Since maintaining the old analogue CCTV system in 1998, ClearView have worked closely with Ipswich Town Football Club’s safety officer to improve the capability of the security system, based on the club changes over recent years.

When Ipswich Town Football Club were promoted to the Football Premier League, extra capacity for fans was essential, so a major ground improvement scheme was implemented, which included the rebuild of the both the South and North Stands.

System operators can now select cameras, view live or recorded images and control cameras via computer screen and mouse from their desks or the main control room. We provide security technical support and advice to the club with our planned maintenance visits and emergency callout responses ensuring the system is available 24/7 to meet the club’s needs.

Bespoke Retail Solutions

Having Security systems in place is crucial to any modern business. Security cameras deters criminal activity and promotes the safety of the public and staff. Modern security systems now have the ability to add commercial value to retail outlets by providing management data that can save expense and help drive sales.

How can security systems help the retail industry?

CCTV systems with video analytics are becoming increasingly popular with retail businesses. Using these systems adds value to your retail business by:

  • Heat mapping
  • Facial recognition
  • Queue monitoring

20 years of security experience and expertise
Commercial, Retail & Industrial Access Control Solutions

Our commercial and retail access control solutions provide a number of technologies that increase security and deter crime, offering peace of mind:

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.


Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Passive Fire Protection is a crucial component of structural fire safety. In accordance with the UK building regulations, all new buildings and refurbishments must incorporate Passive Fire Protection measures.

ClearView offer a comprehensive range of passive fire protection solutions to ensure maximum protection and compliance to all commercial premises. We are passive fire protection installation specialists, certified by the IFC. Our services include fire stopping installations, fire door installation, fire door repair and remedial works and fire door maintenance.

Fire fighters putting out fire

For more information on our passive fire protection installations, please contact one of our specialists here.

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