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Interview Recording


In the world of law enforcement, commercial investigations and disciplinary hearings, video recordings provide an accurate and impartial record to benefit all parties. Previously, the size and complexity of the necessary equipment made recording impractical.

Portable, Simple and Reliable
PaceNet Interview Recorders

In the world of law enforcement, commercial investigations and disciplinary hearings, video recordings provide an accurate and impartial record to benefit all parties.  Previously, the size

and complexity of the necessary equipment made recording impractical.  To make the recording process as straightforward as possible, ClearView developed their PaceNet series of recorders , in use by police forces, which are easy to use with only two controls: RECORD and STOP.

Interview Recording Software

PaceNet records cameras onto in-built hard-disc, network storage, DVDs or USB drive. DVD discs can be replayed on standard high street DVD players or computers.  PaceNet recordings can also be sent over an IP network for live monitoring or hard disc back-up.

Facilities are available to time-link written notes to the video recording live, or by written transcript on replay. A particular section of recording can be found instantly by mouse-clicking the relevant section of a word document.

Watch this video presentation of PaceNet interview Recorders

The PaceNet system consolidates this knowledge to provide systems which comply with the latest

Criminal Justice, British Standards, PACE and Home Office guidelines in a format which is easy to use, secure and reliable.

Live and recorded interview footage can be streamed over IP networks.  This allows:

  • Secure central back-up of recordings.
  • Movement of recordings via the network without the need to bag and transport media physically.
  • Storage of recordings and transcripts at the same location.
  • Live monitoring of interviews from any authorised networked location.
  • Audit log of all activities associated with every interview.

ClearView Communications have been manufacturing, installing and supporting Video and Audio Interview Recorders for police , government agencies, defence, social services and law enforcement agencies, throughout the UK and Europe, since 1996.

PaceNet video interview recorders comply with the latest Criminal Justice, PACE and Home Office guidelines (including “Achieving Best Evidence—March 2011”) in a format that is easy to use, secure and reliable.  They include:

  • Standalone Video Interview Recorders
  • Network Video Interview Recorders
  • Mobile Video Interview Recorders

Mobile Interview System

In addition to the manufacture of video and audio interview recorders, ClearView also service and maintain interview recording systems from all main manufacturers, for clients around the UK and Europe.

PaceNet Interview Recorders

Portable, Simple and Reliable

ClearView has many years’ experience of manufacturing video systems to meet police needs. ClearView’s PaceNet is a lightweight, reliable, simple to use system which complies with all the latest Criminal Justice Department, British Standards, PACE and HOSDB guidelines.

Features & benefits

  • Easiest system to use – can be used by all staff members
  • Lightweight, compact recorders
  • Fixed and mobile applications
  • Stand-alone or networked
  • Download onto USB or up to five DVD-video discs
  • Two simple touchscreen ‘record’ and ‘end interview’ controls
  • Instant email of recording or transcript
  • Secure local or central storage of recordings
  • Choice of recording formats including MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, WAV & VOB
  • Transcription via DVD player or PC
  • Configurations available for suspect, witness, child or victim recording
  • Annotate recordings live or on replay
  • Straightforward access to recordings and transcripts
  • Easy monitoring of live interviews from different network locations
  • Effortless access to logs of all activities associated with each interview

Instant and easy note-taking

PaceNet uniquely allows staff to make notes which are automatically linked to the recording both during an interview, or when replaying an interview recording. These may be comments, or a full transcript.

When replaying the notes, the relevant section of the interview can be replayed instantly from a single mouse click.

  • Instantly find relevant video sequence by clicking time link
  • Search and retrieve section of recording from keyword
  • Annotate and review live video or previous footage

Easy data search of transcriptions and notes

PaceNet standalone video interview recorders are manufactured and maintained by ClearView’s award-winning and industry-accredited technical and engineering teams.

To find out how Clearview’s PaceNet standalone interview recorders can meet and exceed your needs, contact us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, read our latest news or review ourcustomer testimonials and industry-specific case studies.

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