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Local Authority Security

Reduced costs whilst increasing revenue

A key strategy for local authorities is to tackle crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse problems. They need to achieve this at reduced costs whilst increasing revenue.

ClearView work in partnership with local authorities around the UK to help them achieve their overall security goals.

Crime reduction strategy
The security systems we provide to local authorities include:

The hub of our work with Councils is normally the Control Room where camera images are monitored and retained for evidential purposes.

The Home Office states that security systems are valuable when used as part of a wider crime reduction strategy. Strong partnerships operate between the councils and stakeholders including the police who are informed of suspicious incidents and directed to the exact location by CCTV operators. A radio system is often used for communications between police, retailers and security staff, as well as having immediate communication with the Control Centre.

Proven to be effective
Types of offences that can lead to arrests include:
  • Shoplifting
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Possession of drugs
  • Assault
  • Unauthorised taking of and theft from motor vehicles
  • Public order
  • Criminal Damage and Vandalism

Systems have proven to be effective in both cutting and detecting crime. Residents also feel safer.

Central control rooms are also used for:
  • Alarm Monitoring – of local authority establishments – for example schools, libraries, offices
  • Car Parking Enforcement
  • Lone Worker Monitoring


Read a case study on how ClearView have successfully implemented security systems for local authorities.

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