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Transport & Logistics Security Systems

Transport & logistics security systems

With threats ranging from terrorism to vandalism, transport & logistics security systems are of critical importance. This is to not only help combat crime but to also give peace of mind to passengers that they are in a safe environment.

Secure your premises
Logistics Security Systems

Logistics and road haulage companies have a wide range of personnel, vehicles and assets to protect. Ensuring access is restricted solely to authourised personnel can help secure your premises against theft and vandalism.

Our security systems keep intruders out and property safe, whilst providing solutions for internal management to protect staff, improve load movements and comply with customer standards.

Demanding and diverse environment
Eurotunnel (UK and France Terminals)

EuroTunnel manages the Channel Tunnel link which is a large, demanding and diverse environment for surveillance and security. A complex site that required a significant level of security including CCTV, video analytics and perimeter control.

Automatically identifies and tracks intruders
Their system included:
  • IP CCTV – Over 300 CCTV cameras, many with “alarm” activation triggered from sensors on security fencing working in conjunction with intelligent video analytics.
  • Video Analytics technology automatically identifies and tracks intruders, threats, and incidents whilst maintaining a dramatically low false alarm rate.
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems – transmit electric pulses along a sensor line attached to the fence. When an intrusion attempt is detected it creates an alarm that can alert the main control room and automatically zooms a camera to the point of detection.
  • Control rooms – designed and installed by ClearView at several locations around the terminals
20 years of security experience and expertise
Associated British Ports (Southampton Docks)

Southampton is one of the country’s busiest and most successful deep-water ports with a unique double tide that allows access for the world’s largest vessels. It has long been the UK’s principal cruise port, and handles in excess of 230 cruise calls and 700,000 passengers every year.

The networked installation covered the three main passenger terminals at the docks including the berthing area used by the QEII.

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.

Fully Accredited

Peace of mind through certification to the highest industry standards.


Over 25 years providing bespoke CCTV, Fire Protection & Access Control security solutions from our 2,000m² HQ in Essex.

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