Known for providing leading, innovative integrated security solutions to the UK and Europe, operating to a high level is key to ClearView Communication’s business strategy. Equally important is a client/business relationship built on trust. Together, these factors were the driving forces behind the choice to implement ISO 45001, the Standard for Occupational Health & Safety. 

Because of the work we do, working for councils, the police and dealing with building and construction, ISO 45001 helps to build trust between us and our customers”,  said Abi Wilson, HSQE Manager.  “It gives them reassurance that they’re dealing with a company that manages health and safety right.”

Business benefits of ISO 45001

Working alongside a QMS consultant, ClearView adapted the Standard’s framework to fit it to their business. One of the key areas of focus was the process governing non-conformities. ClearView took their existing complaints process and overhauled it to place more emphasis on continual improvement. Non-conformities are now sent to the manager who investigates the root cause, which is then resolved with corrective action that may include changes to existing policies or processes. 

QMS accrediation ISO45001.


For more information on ClearView Health and Safety, and how ISO 45001 has benefited the company, please see the full case study with QMS.