ClearView Communications’ client LondonWaste Ltd (a waste management company) won the prestigious Small Business Project of the Year at the recent 2011 BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards ceremony.

The award was for project excellence and was given to LondonWaste’s IT department for their work with ClearView on using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to control vehicle movements at their EcoPark in North London.

ClearView installed a totally integrated CCTV package including ANPR, extending the reach of coverage to every part of the site. Placing cameras by the weighbridges has allowed the CCTV operators to control traffic and follow each truck’s movements through the site, enabling LondonWaste to actively manage the site.

Said Mark Beattie LondonWaste’s Chief Information Officer “The system that ClearView installed has proved cost-effective and highly efficient. As a result of their pro-active approach, we now view the relationship as an on-going partnership.”

ClearView’s solution for LondonWaste enables pre-registered vehicles automatic entrance to the weighing platforms via barrier control; direction to the correct disposal area and automatic invoice generation.

The new system has improved the overall security of the site, reduced disputes and invoicing errors plus reduced theft and illegal dumping. LondonWaste’s largest client has access to the system and can add truck numbers themselves, so saving staff resources by preventing re-keying of data.

LondonWaste has central control of all the CCTV cameras, with real time review and historical playback of vehicle data and CCTV footage. Disputes and problems (such as spilt fuel) can be rapidly resolved as CCTV recorded footage can be used to demonstrate the cause of any incident.

ClearView’s highly successful ANPR installation has improved efficiency and the service provided to customers.

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