Before you wind down for the holidays, make sure your business is secure.

Break-ins and other security incidents are more likely to occur during quiet business periods when your business is closed or on a minimal operation.

It’s also likely that you’ll have a more relaxed atmosphere in the run-up to the holidays. Christmas parties mean people let their guard down – and on-site thefts or incidents may increase as a result of this more ‘chilled out’ attitude.

The long, dark hours of winter make your business premises vulnerable, so here are some quick tips to help you protect your assets over Christmas:

Boost your lighting

Dark areas are prime targets for intruders on any business premises. Install security lighting to minimise dark areas.

You could have constant lighting in some high-footfall areas (such as close to a boundary) so that it doesn’t constantly click on and off. This can cause disturbance to neighbouring properties and any staff on-site.

A motion-activated light in lower traffic areas will save energy. It will also alert security staff to movement in the immediate area, providing an additional alert to potential problems.

Install CCTV in time for Christmas

Close monitoring of all areas of your business, and in particular your boundary perimeter, will reduce the risk to your property and your staff.

If you’re operating a minimal skeleton staff, it’s important to make sure they feel safe in their work environment. Being able to monitor the premises’ boundaries can help to reduce stress as employees can see any potential intruders in good time. They’ll be able to safely instigate security protocols before a major incident or break-in occurs.

ClearView can assist with CCTV instillation and monitoring to ensure your staff, visitors and property are protected 24/7.

Should anything happen to your business premises while your operations are closed down, CCTV recordings will help you to identify any perpetrators and more easily file a police complaint and insurance claim.

Manage access control with ease

Having secure barriers and gates is one way to reduce risk to your business over winter.

It’s important that the right people have access to each secure area. Before the holidays begin, install an access control system to help staff easily navigate relevant areas of the premises without compromising on security.
They won’t need to find the person with a key, either, which will speed up overall productivity.
If you are interested in upgrading your access control systems, book your free site survey with one of our professional security advisers.

Protecting your business over winter takes just a few simple steps, but it’s important to make sure any staff on-site are safe and that your assets are covered. Get in touch with ClearView today on 01245214104 or via our contact page to discuss your security needs.