Panic Alarm Systems & Affray Alarms

Workers in a position of authority and dealing with members of the public are at greatest risk of experiencing incidents of workplace violence and aggression. Panic and affray alarm systems provide assistance and reassurance in an emergency.

ClearView provides panic and affray alarm systems to organisations throughout Essex and the UK.

PanicStrip is a continuous linear contact designed for use in standalone systems where activation of a switch is required over a continuous length, suitable for use in high risk areas such as Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations, Prisons and Government Offices as an affray / panic switch.

Designed for ease and reliability of use in an emergency with a large strike and contact area, PanicStrip provides reassurance to individuals on the status of the alarm by illuminating the entire length of the switch. Text and graphics can be added to provide further information if required.

PanicStrip provides an alarm activation area which is always within easy reach, unlike push-button alarms which can be located away from an incident.

PanicStrip features:

  • Continuous monitoring illuminated call/alarm strip
  • Low profile to reduce accidental activation
  • Adjustable impact sensitivity area.
  • Visual assurance at all times that the strip is activated and functional.
  • Warning lights act as a deterrent to potential assailants
  • Weather-proof and vandal-resistant options

Activation trigger configuration includes:

Panic Alarms Systems for Offices, Schools, Lone Workers & Care Homes

Panic alarms and affray systems are used in a variety of different market sectors including:


  • Cash office
  • Cash desk
  • Counters

Police Stations

  • Interview rooms
  • Doctor’s room
  • The custody bridge
  • Outside cells
  • Custody Desk


  • Relative rooms
  • A&E
  • Ambulances


  • Interview rooms
  • Doctors room
  • Visitor search reception
  • Visitor rooms

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