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Alarm & video monitoring solutions

SureView Systems is the leading provider of IP-based intruder alarm and video monitoring platforms to commercial monitoring stations; corporate users with their own command centres and guarding companies that offer blended technology and manpower services to their customers.

Organises and manages
Video monitoring software platform

Immix is an event based platform for monitoring security events. It organises and manages unlimited monitoring activities into a single platform.

Immix (SureView’s flagship solution) is a video monitoring software platform that consolidates monitoring activities from any source, including:

Immix boasts the widest integration library in the industry with more than 250 devices and protocols, giving users the freedom to select ‘best of breed’ security products to match their unique requirements. The products are UL Certified in the USA and BS8418 compliant in Europe.

  • Immix publishes a commercial API to support security system integration from any manufacturer
  • Immix consolidates alarms from multiple sources into a single prioritised event for efficient management and control.
  • Immix ties together “islands of technology” into a simple and intuitive operator interface for event management. Operators need only learn one platform, removing the need for specialist expertise in the technology installed at monitored locations
  • The Immix interface guides the operator through the process handling an alarm through to resolution, with station operators typically trained in less than an hour.


What does Immix do?

  • Integrates with over 400 security products including Video, Access Control, Alarm Systems, IP Audio, GPS.
  • Provides a centralised alarm management platform for security – company wide.
  • Automates manual processes in the command center, delivering cost savings, productivity benefits and better information for security response.
  • Simple, easy to use graphical user interface.


Why use Immix?

  • Immix enables businesses access to perform multiple remote monitoring functions
  • Observe Onsite Activity
  • Remote Video Tours
  • Event Monitoring
  • Remote Guarding
  • Immix provides a complete AUDIT TRAIL of all events and operator activity
  • Immix provides the maximum utilization of onsite equipment regardless of manufacturer


Unique benefits of Immix

  • Rapid Setup and Deployment
  • Simplicity of Operation
  • Consolidated Alarm Management
  • Extensive, consistent Integration Library
  • SOP enforcement
  • High Scalability and Availability
  • Low cost of ownership


Characteristics of Immix

  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple systems
  • Command center in place
  • Transitioning technologies
  • Rationalising after a merger/acquisition
  • Require centralized alarm management – SOPs


Seeks situational awareness

ClearView are a premier Immix partner. Primary Immix systems supplied, installed and supported by ClearView include:

  • Immix CC – a Video based alarm monitoring platform for Central Command Centers
  • Immix CS – a software product that operates in your central station and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface.
  • Immix Connect – the hosted version of Immix CC. The system is delivered and managed as an ‘out of the box’ secure service leaving you to concentrate on security operations.
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