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Access control & management solutions

As a strategic partner, ClearView install and support Nedap’s access control systems for a wide variety of clients.

Long range applications
Nedap Identification Systems

Nedap recently changed their name from “Nedap AVI” to “Nedap Identification Systems” which now focuses on managing the distribution of identification products mainly for use with vehicles and long range applications.

From specialists in long-range RFID solutions for vehicle and driver identification to a solution provider with a wider portfolio, this exciting portfolio also now includes long-range identification of people in and around buildings, wireless vehicle detection sensors for on-street parking guidance and remote management of vehicle entrance points to restricted city zones.

Powerful, user-friendly access control
Nedap AEOS Access Control Management Solution

AEOS is Nedap’s powerful, user-friendly access control, security and visitor management system based on smart network technology. AEOS offers a reliable solution to security, people flow and business support issues:

  • AEOS combines processes like access control, visitor management, intrusion detection and IP video control
  • AEOS software components are easy to extend and scale
  • AEOS components can be implemented onto one Nedap Security Controller
  • The AEOS system is user-friendly and designed for intuitive operation, preventing errors being made and achieving task management efficiency
  • Worldwide usage – banks, government, airports and oil refineries use AEOS security solutions more than 37 million times a day

With AEOS solutions, public and non-public zones can be separated; varying access criteria can be set and extremely high levels of security can be ensured. Systems are controlled centrally including monitoring and managing multiple locations.

By linking features such as CCTV cameras, panic buttons and automatic locking you can act very quickly in an emergency.

You can retain existing security infrastructures, prolonging the life of previous security system investments, with just one platform for access control, intrusion detection, video management, lockers, parking and intercoms.

Staff have just one card for access to buildings, parking, rooms, lockers, printers and more. Having such a fully integrated security systems significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and makes maintenance very manageable.

Nedap security systems can grow with scale, so extending platforms in phases by adding functionality and/or locations. Plus with central control for all locations, you can ensure strict security policies are followed in every building.

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