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Security systems & access control

Nortech Control Systems manufacture innovative vehicle security systems and personnel access control solutions.

Innovative range of products
Complete access control management systems

As a strategic partner, ClearView install and support their innovative range of products from simple stand-alone devices to complete access control management systems.

Nortech’s security products have been used in key installations around the world such as hospitals, hotels, ports, airports and government buildings and offer a range of solutions to match all small to medium access control requirements (up to 128 doors).

Solutions can be installed as ‘standalone’ (a self contained system needing only a power supply) or via PC-based networked access control systems.

Both types of system support several options for validating access permissions. These include typing a numeric code (PIN) into a keypad, presenting a proximity or magstripe card or by using a long-range identification system (RFID) for hands-free access. The PC-based system also offers central control via a network.

Standalone Access Control

ClearView offer Nortech’s full range of standalone access controllers that can manage up to 20,000 users and can be used with the readers of your choice.

For 2-door control, the CRC200 Access Control Unit is ideal and offers a comprehensive range of access control features including anti-passback, validity time periods and auxiliary control outputs. The CRC100 Access Control Unit is a single door controller with many useful features.

The one-piece NanoQuest Compact Door Controller with integral proximity card reader can manage up to 600 users and has a range of access control features including door monitoring, auxiliary output, alarm output and arming input.

PC Based Access Control Systems

At the heart of the Norpass3 networked access control system is the user-friendly, PC based access control management software, providing many advanced features completely licence-free.

Supported by a family of online door controllers that provides a wealth of options to meet your access control requirements, the door control modules are available with capacities to manage up to 1, 2 or 4 doors. There is a choice of communication interfaces for connection to the PC. Each door controller can manage up to 65,000 users.

The door controllers support a wide range of card readers and ID devices such as long-range hands-free readers, keypads and biometric readers.

Card Readers and ID Devices

ClearView offer a wide choice of smart card readers including high security LEGIC smart card readers as well as Mifare sector readers. We supply HID iCLASS readers and can also provide readers to read the serial number of other conforming smart cards and key fobs.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of 125kHz proximity reader technologies, magnetic stripe card readers, keypads and long range readers.

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