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A true manufacturer of Fire-stopping products

The Rockwool group is the world leader in stone wool solutions covering passive fire protection, building insulation, wall and façade systems, acoustic ceiling and marine customised solutions.

Prevent Fire Spreading

Rockwool stone wool does not produce dangerous toxic smoke and also helps enhance the building’s load-bearing structure which protects both lives and investment. The product is A1 non-combustible which dramatically slows the spread of flames, preventing the spread of fire throughout the building.

Each product is carefully designed and provides buildings with high quality products at cost-effective prices. The ease of installation is taken in to consideration which reduces the overall installation time of each project.

All products are rigorously tested to examine how long the material can withstand the high temperatures of a spreading fire and that each item conforms to the British Standards.

Fire Stopping
Fully Accredited

Peace of mind through certification to the highest industry standards.


Over 20 years providing bespoke fire & security solutions from our 2,000m² HQ.


Complete fire & security service with rapid response 24/7, 365 days a year.