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Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers

A Guide to Passive Fire Protection

Fire Dampers are a great, effective fire safety tool. They are fitted into vents and will close upon detection of fire or smoke. This way, the fire is contained within one room with less chance of spreading quickly throughout the building

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A Guide to Passive Fire Protection

Fire dampers are an excellent fire safety tool if your business property is running an HVAC system or ducting vents, then it may be at higher risk in the event of a fire.

An HVAC system or ducting vents may facilitate the spread of a fire, potentially causing untold damage. However, you can eradicate this risk with a fire damper, professionally installed by ClearView.

The importance of fire safety within any business is paramount, protecting employees, property and assets. We all know and understand the need for smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, but if your property has an HVAC system or vent, a fire damper is an essential addition to your property. 

Fire Damper Installation
Choose the Experts In Passive Fire Protection

Since 1996, ClearView has been the go-to company in Essex, London and across the UK for complete fire and security services. Fire stopping is essential to any business’s fire safety strategy. Ensure the safety of your business property, staff, and customers alike by having fire dampers installed. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation.

What Is a Fire Damper?

A Fire Damper is a ducting fitting used in HVAC systems and ducting vents. Their purpose is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one room to another. Made from galvanized steel; Fire Dampers come in a range of sizes and types. We will take a look at each of them below. 

A fire damper prevents fire and smoke from moving from one room to another through an HVAC system or ducting vents. In the event of a fire, a fire damper will close when a room rises over a temperature threshold limit. This prevents the fire and smoke from spreading. Fire dampers are an essential feature of a complete fire safety strategy. 

There are 3 types of fire damper: Dynamic, Static and Combination

Dynamic Dampers

Dynamic fire dampers sit within the vertical barriers of an HVAC system. They rely on a spring-loaded mechanism. During a fire, the spring-loaded mechanism closes the vents allowing the fan to keep running and building pressure. It is this pressure that causes the fire dampers to remain closed. 

Static Dampers

Static fire dampers feature a curtain-like design that drops whenever a fire occurs and the fan turns off. With no air pressure inside, the damper’s door falls and closes, preventing flames and smoke from passing through. Static fire dampers should be installed in systems where ducting fans stop working once they detect fire. 

Combination Dampers

The function of a fire and smoke (combination) damper is to block both fire and smoke. In the event of extreme heat or smoke, the damper will shut. 

How do they work?

Each variant of fire damper works differently and has its unique benefits. Programmable fire dampers can be operated from a distance and allow for manual operation. This can be beneficial in situations of power failure during extreme fires. Others can be connected to fire alarms and smoke detectors.

When the detector recognises heat or smoke, a signal is sent to the damper forcing it to close. Hardwired fire dampers can work by themselves. This means they don’t need to rely on commands that go through any sensors.

Instead, they use a fusible link that melts down once it reaches a certain heat level. As soon as the fire reaches 72 C, the heat melts down the link. In turn, it triggers the fire damper and closes its doors. Alternative variants use slotted plates to perform this duty. As the temperature of the fire heats, the metal plates expand and close the slots. As a result, sealing the ducting while the fire maintains its temperature. 

Why do you need one?

Fire and rescue services in England attended more than 528,000 incidents in 2020; there were 221 fire-related fatalities in the year. A fire damper functions to limit the spread of fire and smoke which allows occupants of a building to exit before the fire reaches them.

Smoke, which can travel through an HVAC system or ducting vents, is the leading cause of fire-related fatalities. Smoke inhalation can inflame your lungs and airway, which causes them to swell and block oxygen. A properly designed, installed, and maintained fire damper is a life-saver in the event of a fire at your premises.

Fire Dampers work perfectly alongside the installation of Fire Doors. This way, both the fire and the smoke stays contained within the room it originated from. To refresh yourself on Fire Door Regulations please click here.

Fire Damper Maintenance Specialists

Fire dampers play an essential role in protecting your employees and your property. By incorporating dampers into your ductwork, you can prevent fire and smoke from spreading through your HVAC system. As with any building system, regular maintenance and inspection are critical to ensure proper operation. Here at ClearView, our professional technicians will maintain your business’s fire damper, ensuring that it is fully functional. Our technicians are fully trained, highly qualified and experienced in fire damper maintenance. Contact our team to learn more about the fire damper maintenance packages.

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What Fire Damper is right for your building?

There is a range of fire dampers that can be installed. These include curtain fire dampers, Intumescent fire dampers, and single and multi-blade fire dampers. ClearView will be happy to recommend the most suitable type of fire damper for your business property during your free consultation.

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If you are interested in fire damper maintenance for your commercial property, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Here, we will be happy to answer all of your questions and recommend the most suitable type of fire damper for your property.

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