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ClearView are specialists in fire door installation and passive fire protection, providing certified fire door installers throughout the UK, based in Chelmsford, Essex

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Trust ClearView’s Certified Fire Door Installers for Ultimate Protection

Choose ClearView’s fire door installers, who are third-party accredited through the International Fire Consultants (IFC), for total peace of mind. We adhere to industry best practices and manufacturers’ guidelines to guarantee that your fire door installation is fully compliant.

Fire doors play an indispensable role in safeguarding your building and providing secure escape routes for people to evacuate safely during a fire. A correctly installed fire door ensures a tight seal between the door and the frame when closed, which is crucial for optimal protection.

By entrusting us with your fire-rated doors, you can be confident that they will function as intended, shielding your people and assets from the spread of smoke and fire. Secure your property and safety with ClearView’s expertise, complete the form and get a free audit today!

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    Our Detailed Fire Door Installation Process

    As we proceed with your fire door installation, we’re meticulous about meeting all safety and compliance standards. We begin by adhering to the escape route signage code of practice, BS 5499-4:2013, ensuring the correct safety signage is used.

    Our knowledgeable team then checks the door’s certification label. This label shows crucial details such as the fire rating (e.g., FD60), fire certificate number, and the manufacturer’s name. This information is crucial for us to confirm that the door is suitable and compliant for its intended use.

    For the ironmongery, which includes hinges, latches, and door closers, we ensure they bear the CE marks and comply with UK regulations. We securely fix these components and ensure they are correctly specified according to the fire door leaf certification label.

    In our dedication to ensuring full compliance with fire door regulations, we match the fire door frame’s FD rating with the door. We meticulously check and correctly specify intumescent and cold smoke seals to ensure they are compatible with both the door frame and doors.

    If fire-resistant glazing is involved, we confirm it carries a CE mark, proving it conforms to European standards. The installation is carried out with precision, ensuring a gap between the frame and the fire door measures between 2mm and 4mm, ideally 3mm, as per industry standards.

    Once the installation is complete, we perform thorough testing of the fire door closer. We ensure it effectively closes the door against the seal and that the latch operates correctly when closed. This guarantees that your fire door is not only compliant but also ready to protect your premises effectively in the event of a fire.

    Fire Door Installation Assurance

    ClearView holds certifications in ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems. These accreditations affirm that our fire door installation process is reliable, thoroughly vetted, cost-effective, and conscientious of the environment.

    We collaborate with top fire door manufacturers and suppliers, offering you a diverse selection of fire doors, such as FD30 (provides protection from fire and smoke for 30 minutes) and FD60 (protects for 60 minutes). Our expert team is dedicated to selecting the appropriate doors that comply with safety standards while also complementing the existing aesthetics of your space.

    Rest assured, each of our fire-resistant door products are rigorously designed, tested, and certified to meet the specific standards of fire resistance. Your safety is our priority, and we’re committed to providing you with doors that offer the highest level of fire protection.

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    Why so many organisations trust ClearView

    ClearView is a trusted name in fire door installation, maintenance, and repair. We have been certified by the International Fire Consultants and UKAS, ensuring you peace of mind with our highly-qualified and experienced team.

    We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from local authorities and schools to commercial and retail buildings. We’ve even had the privilege of installing and maintaining fire doors for several critical national infrastructure sites. Our expertise is frequently sought for large-scale construction projects, solidifying our reputation as reliable specialists in passive fire protection.

    Our business operates on strong ethical principles. We believe in providing the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. As such, we won’t recommend replacing a door unless it is beyond economical repair. Instead, we focus on carrying out affordable repairs wherever possible to offer the best value to you.

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