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Fire Door Maintenance & Repair

Our comprehensive fire door maintenance and repair services guarantee that your fire door sets remain compliant and secure, providing optimal protection against the spread of fire and smoke.

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We Now Offer Free & No Obligation Fire Door Audits

Ensure the safety and compliance of your property with a comprehensive, no-obligation fire door audit from our certified professionals. Discover the ClearView difference and experience our commitment to quality and service firsthand.

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  • Receive a detailed assessment of your current fire door sets
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    Fire Door Maintenance

    Our skilled technicians will address any issues identified during inspections, providing prompt and efficient solutions to keep your fire doors in optimal condition.

    ClearView is certified under the IFC to carry out the repair, remediation, installation and maintenance of fire doors and frames.

    For a fire door to maintain integrity and perform as required in the event of a fire, all fire door repairs must include a set of industry-approved repair techniques to restore the fire door’s integrity.

    Our Fire Door Maintenance and Repair Services include:

    • Replacement or adjustment of damaged or non-compliant components
    • Ensuring correct installation and functionality of door closers and seals
    • Repair or replacement of damaged door leaves and frames
    • Upgrading ironmongery to comply with current regulations
    • Regular maintenance to prolong the life of your fire doors

    Fire Door Repairs

    A survey conducted by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme in 2019 noted that 76% of fire doors inspected, did not meet safety requirements. ClearView operate ethically and responsibly by never recommending replacing a fire door unless they are beyond economical repair.

    We aim to carry out cost effective remedial work were possible to provide value. Our expert engineers use industry leading repair process to ensure that your fire door remedial work is carried out with the goal of maintaining the functionality of the doors, so they work as intended in an emergency. Thus, maintaining compliance, fire safety and saving you cost.

    ClearView are able to provide critical spares to limit downtime of your fire rated doors, with the added bonus of achieving a very high first-time fix rate due to this proactive endeavor. All our products are of the highest standard, but they are very cost effective when compared to the cost of replacing fire doors due to being unserviceable and non-compliant.

    Some examples of the repairs we can undertake are below:

    • Door closers
    • Hinges
    • Locks and Latches
    • Panic bars
    • Leaf and threshold gaps
    • Glazing
    • Incorrect signage
    • Intumescent strips
    • Door hardware
    • Air grills
    • Frame damage

    Importance of Fire Door Inspections

    Regular fire door inspections are crucial for maintaining the safety and compliance of your building. Our certified inspectors conduct comprehensive assessments to identify any potential issues or non-compliant elements, helping you maintain the highest level of fire safety.

    Our Fire Door Inspection Services include:

    • Visual inspection of door leaves, frames, and ironmongery
    • Verification of fire door ratings and certification labels
    • Ensuring compliance with relevant fire door regulations
    • Identification of any necessary repairs or adjustments
    • Comprehensive inspection report with findings and recommendations

    Under UK statutory law, fire doors must be maintained as stated in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 You are here: UK Statutory Instruments 2005 No. 1541 PART 2 Article 17 “subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”. The responsibility for ensuring that maintenance is carried out, lies with the building owner or responsible person.

    Fire Door Inspections

    Why do Fire Doors Fail Inspections?

    Common fire door inspection failures, such as gaps over 3mm between the door and the frame mean that smoke ingress could happen in the event of a fire. A minor adjustment to the door could potentially fix this issue thus achieving statutory compliance, cost savings and peace of mind.

    Other failures are damaged or missing intumescent seals on internal doors, non-fire rated fittings and such as closers and letter boxes and non fire rated glass installed. These failure items decrease the integrity of the doors and are often the point of failure in a fire.

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      Monthly Fire Door Maintenance Packages

      The best way to ensure your fire doors remain fully compliant is with the right maintenance package. ClearView provide fire door maintenance services to clients offering bespoke fire door maintenance packages to suit the unique requirements of your premises.

      We aim to provide cost-effective solutions and pride ourselves on repairing 71% of fire doors upon inspection. We will only recommend replacing your fire doors if they are beyond repair and do not meet statutory requirements.

      According to the British Woodwork Foundation (BWF) it is recommended that fire doors should be inspected at least every six months. However, high people traffic routes may need to inspected more often as damage is more likely to occur due to substantial use.

      Available as part of a Synergy Agreement. The complete solution for all your fire and security maintenance needs.
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