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ClearView has a UK-wide team of fire stopping installation specialists with a proven history of delivering quality fire stopping installations for main contractors, local authorities, UK police forces, Network Rail, and the MOD.

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Our team of fire stopping specialists are 3rd party accredited by the International Fire Consultants, meaning that we operate to recognised international standards. We set the bar high for quality and professionalism, and we aim to deliver outstanding service to every customer.

Whether you are undertaking a large construction project or require smaller remedial installations, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality fire stopping installation services. 

We guarantee safe and compliant installations, and our thorough and professional quality assurance processes ensure that every installation achieves total technical compliance. Use the form for a free and no obligation fire stopping audit.

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    As part of our fire stopping installation quality process, we log each fire stopping requirement and photograph the area before work commences to ensure the client understands the current state of the non-conformity before the individual fire stops are signed off as completed.

    All passive fire protection installation works are carried out by our fully trained NVQ Level 2 engineers. Supervision is provided by a minimum of an SSSTS (qualified supervisor) or on more significant sites SMSTS (site manager).


    What Is Fire Stopping Installation?

    Fire stopping installation seals gaps in fire compartmentation, preventing the spread of fire and smoke with fire-resistant materials. Cables, pipes, and ductwork can cause compartmentation breaches, often going unreported.

    ClearView reinstates fire-rated elements to ensure compliance and maintain fire ratings, sealing service penetrations for better compartmentation and protection from fire and smoke.

    Our promise: We are committed to providing only the highest quality, certified products supplied from UK manufacturers. All products used are independently tested to ensure compliance.

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    Fire Stopping Product Specifications

    The correct specification of fire stopping products is crucial for installation to ensure compliance with safety standards. The Principal Designer typically carries out this duty, with the Principal Contractor responsible for installation during the construction phase of a project. At ClearView, we partner with the best fire stopping material suppliers in the UK, including Quelfire, Rockwool, Firetherm, Hilti, and Protecta. All of these suppliers adhere to exacting British standards, ensuring that their fire rated products perform as designed and in compliance with the specified fire rating.

    Our certified fire stopping products include:

    • Ablative coated fire batt
    • Riser compartmentation
    • Intumescent mastic
    • Fire collars
    • Intumescent acoustic putty pads
    • Fire sleeves
    • Fire dampers
    • Linear gap seals

    Certified Fire Stopping Installers

    Our highly trained fire stopping specialists are 3rd party accredited by the International Fire Consultants. We are one of very few passive fire protection companies that operate to recognized international standards. ClearView set the bar high for quality and professionalism, and we aim to deliver.

    As the principal contractor and sub-contractor, we have vast experience delivering fire stopping and fire doors (passive fire protection) for large construction projects. Furthermore, we also work on smaller remedial installations where the same quality levels are delivered. We have SMSTS site managers and supervisors as well as PRINCE2 trained project managers.

    Our goal is to provide safe, compliant and cost-effective fire stopping installation by working with our clients, building control, architects, and contractors, respectively. We also involve product manufacturers in the design and specification process and our quality assurance to get it the right first time. We aim to ensure that every fire stop achieves technical compliance by delivering quality assurance processes robust, thorough, and professional. The methods ensure that all our fire stop seals are logged and certified by the International Fire Consultants on an individual seal basis. Each seal will have its certificate to show compliance.

    Fire stopping contractor at work

    Who is Competent to Carry Out Fire Stopping Works?

    Fire stopping is a very specialist element of building works that requires training, experience and knowledge of the relevant products. The products selected must have been tested in the appropriate scenario and suitable for the application.

    ClearView engineers are qualified to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 Passive Fire Protection. We ensure staff are trained with the experience and knowledge required to perform the task safely and to the correct standards. ClearView is audited to verify compliance a minimum of four times per year.

    We document each installation that ClearView carries out on the building schematics, and photographs will be available through the online client portal.

    Two Clearview team members conducting a fire stopping survey

    The ClearView Process

    As part of the fire stopping survey, ClearView aims to identify the breaches of fire compartmentation within the building(s). Examples of this are cables, pipes, ducting and other services that have penetrated the fire-resisting barriers. Following the building fire strategy, the appropriate certified fire stopping products and installation methods seal the breaches.

    After ClearView identifies the problem areas, an intrusive inspection can be carried out within risers, above ceiling tiles and between floor spaces. We can also open up existing ceilings to identify breaches and conduct repairs once the fire stopping elements are signed off. Next, we produce a detailed fire stopping survey report that encompasses the breach locations and photographs that are taken from our state-of-the-art Boris software.

    Online Fire Stopping Portal

    ClearView’s online portal provides a single location for all your seal and site-specific information. You can access your data by clicking the button below using your username and password.

    This ensures you access the latest data on all your sites and can undertake remote quality inspections from your office by reviewing the GPS tagged installation images attached to the seal records.

    Each installation record includes products installed, fire rating, pre-photos, post photos—photo of each label with the location marked on the site drawing.

    The portal also records our engineers’ acceptance of the site-specific risk assessments and method statements and holds COSHH and material safety data.

    Boris software

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      Fire Stopping Questions Answered

      What is fire stopping installation and why is it important?

      As mentioned above, fire stopping installation involves sealing gaps in fire compartments to prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other parts of a building. It is important because it helps to contain a fire and reduce the risk of harm to people and damage to property.

      What are the British Standards for fire stopping installation?

      British Standards such as BS 476 and BS EN 1366 provide guidelines for fire stopping installation, including the types of products that should be used and the performance criteria that they must meet.

      What types of fire stopping products are available?

      There are various types of fire stopping products available, including fire batts, fire collars, intumescent mastic, fire sleeves, fire dampers, and linear gap seals. These products are designed to seal gaps and maintain the integrity of fire-rated elements within a building.

      How can I ensure that my building is compliant with fire safety regulations?

      You can ensure that your building is compliant with fire safety regulations by conducting regular fire risk assessments and passive fire protection surveys, and by working with a qualified and accredited fire stopping installation contractor who can provide compliant solutions like ClearView.

      How often should fire stopping installation be checked and maintained?

      Fire stopping installation should be checked and maintained regularly, especially after any changes or modifications to a building’s layout or services. It is important to ensure that fire-rated elements remain intact and that fire compartments are not compromised.

      What are the potential consequences of non-compliance with fire stopping regulations?

      Non-compliance with fire stopping regulations can result in serious consequences, including legal penalties, loss of life, property damage, and business interruption. It is important to take fire safety seriously and ensure that your building is properly protected with effective fire stopping installation.

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