Since 1996, ClearView has worked with every police force in the UK as well as supplying to the United States, Australasia & Europe.

Security products provided by ClearView are:

Custody Security Systems

ClearView have provided custody security systems to hundreds of police stations around the UK, including Essex Police. To meet the increasing demands on police forces our custody solution can integrate all your security systems to be controlled from a single screen interface.

Systems which can be integrated include:

Interview Recording

ClearView have been designing and manufacturing video and audio interview systems since inception. Our range of interview recorders have been developed for standalone and mobile applications including interviews with suspects, vulnerable or intimidated witnesses, children and families. Designed in full accordance with the relevant PACE and Home office guidelines.

CCTV Decoding & Replay

ClearView produce a range of hardware and software CCTV decoding and replay units to enable non-technical personnel to replay and process CCTV footage for investigative and evidential purposes. Our products can automatically identify and decode virtually all analogue multiplexed and digital CCTV formats.

Re-Deployable Cameras

ClearView’s range of Re-deployable CCTV camera systems take advantage of the increasingly wide range of transmission methods available today, including mobile phone networks (GSM, HSCDS. 3G, 4G) and Wireless IP. A wide range of camera, recording and transmission options are available including PTZ dome, infra-red, covert, intelligent, megapixel and auto-tracking cameras. Single or multi-camera units are available with transmission only, or transmission and recording capabilities.

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.


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