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An Innovative ANPR Solution

The Award Winning GateREG ANPR

ClearView’s award winning GateREG Automatic Number Plate Recognition system brings a new level of capability to licence plate recognition (LPR).


Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Customers include car parks, waste sites, commercial, education, logistics and police. Capabilities include:

  • High Speed Multi-lane reading using a single camera
  • Detection of vehicle colour, type and make
  • ANPR data display on LED signs
  • Speed warning signs displaying speed and ANPR data
  • Data output to other systems (e.g. parking payment, access control, weighbridge)
  • Networking ANPR management across a site or multiple sites
  • Vehicle alerts by email or text message
High performance cameras to meet all requirements
ANPR Cameras

GateREG has been widely adopted by public sector and blue chip companies who have benefited from using vehicle data to monitor and manage authorised and unauthorised visitors.

GateREG cameras monitor a multiple traffic lanes with a single camera, with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database.  GateREG is a networked ANPR system which can automatically read reliably at high speeds, in the dark and with glare created by vehicle headlights. The system can accept an unlimited number of ANPR and overview cameras.

A range of GateREG ANPR cameras is available for maximum ease of installation; incorporating variable intensity IR-lamp, fast-shutter and remote zoom lens control to ensure optimal images are captured.

Camera options include overview, speed detection, wall, pole and bollard mount.


Vehicle Classification

Detect Vehicle Brand and Colour

In addition to reading Vehicle Registration Number (VRN), GateREG can log vehicle type, make and colour.  This data can be superimposed onto the recorded image with VRN and speed. In addition, the system supports:

  • “No-plate vehicle” capture
  • Direction detection
  • Motorcycle capture
Entrance Control
Visitor Management

GateREG intelligently monitors approaching vehicles. The registration numbers are matched with the information in its in-built database, displaying selected information, e.g. driver name, image of driver, vehicle make/model.

GateREG can activate a vehicle barrier, sound an alarm, send a text message or email, or display vehicle data on an LED message sign.


All vehicle movements are recorded on the system’s database.  Tables and charts can be created to show management date including black list vehicles, journey times, car park occupancy, returning vehicles, average stay time etc.

 Automatic entry can be granted via a gate or barrier if a recognised “white list” vehicle is identified by the system, whilst any unrecognised vehicle can be denied access.  Access may be timed to specific days or times.

With the GateREG ANPR Visitor Management System, you can access detailed information about each vehicle which has entered your premises, including:

  • Easy visibility of frequent visitors and the length of stay
  • Additional security with security prompts for specific groups e.g. “black listed” vehicles
  • Instant notification, by text or email, of visitor arrival – freeing up staff time
Visitor Management
Networking ANPR Management Across A Site Or Multiple Sites

The systems may be networked across multiple locations, allowing personnel to monitor the movement of vehicles over several sites.  A central database may be used to control many remote sites, with all data collected centrally if required.  GateREG can be provided in a variety of formats including desktop, 19” rack mount, server-based, virtual server, mobile, vehicle mounted, rapid deployment and remote external 4G link.  It can synchronise to GPS or network time.

ANPR deployment

Digital Signage
Number Plate Display On LED Signs

A personalised message may be displayed on an LCD display on arrival giving your guests a personalised welcome or instruction.

ANPR- Digital signage

Parking Payment - Access Control – Weighbridge - Signs

The system has the ability to automatically consult an external, third party database (e.g. parking payment machines, access control, weighbridge systems, LED message signs) whenever a plate is recognised. Compatibility includes SQL, Oracle, Excel and CSV files.  A Wiegand output is available for access control systems.

Speed Detection
Speed Warning Signs Displaying Speed and ANPR Data

GateREG can be provided with stand-alone or networked LED speed signs capable of displaying speed and number plate, with a warning message if required.  The signs can be battery, solar or mains powered.  Data and images regarding vehicles exceeding the speed limit can be sent over broadband or 4G for enforcement.

ANPR- Speed detection

ClearView Expertise
ANPR Specialists

ClearView’s experts are able to advise you on the optimal type and location of your ANPR cameras to ensure best results. The system provides a host of services including:

  • Control of vehicle barriers, gates, traffic lights and message signs
  • Email or SMS notification of visitor arrival
  • Recording of all vehicle site activity
  • ‘Wiegand’ output for access control integration
  • Live and historical car park data usage
  • Security prompts for blacklisted vehicles
  • Reading of UK, European and Arabic number plates


Law Enforcement

Police Approval

ClearView can provide ANPR cameras which meet the UK National ANPR Standard for Policing (NASP) see Home Office document Guidance on ANPR Performance Assessment and Optimisation.

For more information on ANPR deployment read ClearView’s white paper The Ten Commandments of ANPR.

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