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Rising to Meet New ANPR Challenges

ClearView is rising to meet demanding requirements with our innovative GateREG system.

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Rising to Meet New ANPR Challenges

Rising to Meet New Challenges

Having been awarded several new contracts for car parks with demanding requirements, ClearView is rising to meet the challenge with our innovative GateREG system.

GateREG, which operates with DoorNet access control software, is a flexible but powerful system with the ability to precisely log all approaching vehicles. An intelligent “white list” system allows it to open barriers for all registered and approved vehicles, while a high-resolution ANPR camera monitors multiple traffic lanes and logs each vehicle on the system’s database. GateREG’s powerful cameras utilise variable intensity IR-lamps, fast-shutter and remote zoom lens control to guarantee high-quality images at night and even at high speeds of up to 100mph.

 The system can also activate barriers, sound alarms and send text messages or emails. The system’s easy-to-use management options organise data into easily read tables and charts showing blacklisted vehicles, journey times, car park occupancy, returning vehicles and average stay times.

 One particular innovative solution offered by ClearView’s GateREG system is the ability to use LED message signs directing vehicles to specific car parks, as well as showing free car park spaces and messages indicating the car park is full. With this intelligent messaging solution, car parks are able to offer a more user-friendly experience to visitors. The GateREG system also allows visitors to check whether the car park is full via the internet, encouraging visitor loyalty.

From powerful access control to precise data management, ClearView continues to meet the new challenges of the parking industry. Get in touch with us to find out how we can meet your parking requirements.

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