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Self-contained ANPR Cameras -all-in-one solution

The GateREG Camera includes camera, infrared illuminator (for low-light conditions) and an ANPR processor.

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Self-contained ANPR Cameras -all-in-one solution

ClearView’s new range of Self-contained ANPR Cameras are a cost-effective all-in-one solution. The GateREG Camera includes a camera, infrared illuminator (for low-light conditions) and an ANPR processor.

The new camera holds a database of “white list” vehicle registration numbers and has a direct output to open vehicle gates. No additional hardware is needed to open a barrier when the camera sees an authorised number plate.

The benefits of ClearView ANPR cameras include:

  • Maximum security with multiple images of the driver and vehicle
  • Captures all number plates – even if the vehicle is driving at speed or in the dark
  • High-quality images – so you can identify every authorised & non-authorised vehicle
  • Protects your staff with the ability to deny access to non-authorised vehicles

Our ANPR systems are designed and installed to meet your exact requirements – whether you’re looking after a small car park or monitoring high traffic areas.

To find out more about our access control systems, please book your free demonstration or site survey or contact 01245 214100 to talk to one of our advisers.

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